5v5 Winners and Post Event Round Up!

Posted by Community | 2015 Aug 31 09:52 -0400 GMT
After a long day of great fights, banter, commentary and fun, one team was crowned victors of the first DAoC 5v5 Tournament! Congratulations to the winning team: FreeToPlayPlease!!!

Very well fought throughout the tournament!

First place:  FreeToPlayPlease, who each won a Weapon skin change, Look-a-Like NPC, and 3 month DAoC game timecode, included players:

  • Hend (Spiritmaster & Team Captain)
  • Prollibel (Bard)
  • Frugall (Bonedancer)
  • Iiaalx (Theurgist)
  • Salidriks (Healer)
  • Gwelzz (Alternate)

Second place:  Carry Nordic, who each won a 3 month DAoC game timecode and was made up of players:

  • Tragmich (Valkyrie and Team Captain)
  • Allesklar (Healer)
  • Rmssssssssss (Sorceress)
  • Strangecon (Minstrel)
  • Asii (Bonedancer)
  • Evix (Alternate)
Third place:  Pizza Party, who each won a 1 month DAoC game timecode and was made up of players:

  • Kujii (Warden and Team Captain)
  • Mahogany (Mauler)
  • Pyth (Valkyrie)
  • Riskymilk (Bard)
  • Haxchap (Armsman)
  • Mofangz (Alternate)

All videos from the stream on our official Twitch channel are now available on our official Youtube channel here

Special thanks to the Knight-organizers Obelisk and Kujii, excellent commentators J0el and Spaghetti Johnson, everyone who tuned in to watch the event live on Twitch, and the participants themselves for giving us such an entertaining tournament!

We were overjoyed by how successful it was and look forward to hosting more events like it in the months to come!

5v5 Tournament Fixture Announcement

Posted by Community | 2015 Aug 28 07:36 -0400 GMT
Registration for the 5v5 Tournament is now closed and the fixture list available here on the tournament site! If you have a team but it does not appear on the fixture list, please contact Obelisk asap via IRC or Postcount.

We would ask those participating to please arrive on time and ready to go around the porter in Camelot at 1PM EST (7PM CET).

Otherworlds Campaign: Chapter 4

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Aug 25 10:01 -0400 GMT

The Otherworlds Campaign continues with the release of Chapter 4 today! A new zone and the Otherworldly Belt awaits! 

Check out walkthroughs for the Prologue and Chapters 1-3 as well as the new Chapter 4 notes by clicking the Campaign Calendar image above or read the notes below!

Account Center Down for Maintenance

Posted by Community | 2015 Aug 24 12:12 -0400 GMT

Update 1:15 PM EST: The Account Center is back online!

The Dark Age of Camelot Account Center is coming down for brief maintenance. 

Downtime is not expected to be more than a couple hours. Thank you for your patience!

Podcast Interview with Content Designer Kevin Calvert

Posted by Community | 2015 Aug 13 13:14 -0400 GMT

Our DAoC Knight Podcast this week features an interview with Content Designer, Kevin Calvert!

Pencil it in your diaries for Sunday August 16th, at 8PM EST (5PM PST/1AM GMT) on our official Twitch channel. Join Knights Luvly and Aendam as they talk with Kevin about being a Content Designer and all that goes into fulfilling that role.

Additionally, we have exciting changes coming for the Knight Podcasts in the future, including t-shirt giveways, EU timed podcasts, and more. Keep your eyes on the Herald and our officialdaoc Twitch channel for info soon! 

5v5 Tournament Date Change

Posted by Community | 2015 Aug 12 10:45 -0400 GMT
To facilitate more players, as requested, and allow time for additional setup work on Pendragon for the tournament, we've pushed the date forward one week.

The tournament will now be held on Saturday, August 29th, 2015. The start time of the tournament remains unchanged: 1 PM EST (12PM CST, 10AM PST, 7PM CET).
Depending on how many teams sign up, the tournament may continue on Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 1 PM EST (12PM CST, 10AM PST, 7PM CET).

Tournament details page has been updated to reflect the change. You can read all the information on the tournament on the 5v5 Tournament Details section.

Otherworlds Campaign: Chapter 3

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Aug 11 09:51 -0400 GMT

The Otherworlds Campaign continues with the release of Chapter 3 today! Which Otherworldly Bracer will you choose!?

Check out walkthroughs for the Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 as well as the new Chapter 3 notes by clicking the Campaign Calendar image above or read the notes below!

Dark Age of Camelot Newsletter #5

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Aug 05 14:09 -0400 GMT

A new look newsletter is hot off the presses!

Don't forget to sign up HERE if you haven't. If you have, please encourage your friends to do so as well!

In the meantime, the newsletter can be viewed in your browser HERE!


Celebrating Midsummer

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Aug 04 08:38 -0400 GMT
Update: This event has been extended through August 17th and the full complement of traveling merchants will be up for the remainder of the event!

The Spirit of War returns! Enjoy our celebration of Midsummer starting today through Monday, August 10th!

  • Earn the new Medal of Valor by proving yourself to the Spirit of War!
  • Simply locate the Spirit of War at Caer Benowyc, Bledmeer Faste, Dun Crauchon, or traversing over Agramon and you will receive the Righteous Vengence! (Albion), Mark for Slaughter! (Midgard), or Complete Annihilation! (Hibernia) quest.
    • This quest is repeatable and will auto-complete but you'll have to return to the Spirit of War to get it again!
    • Please make sure your pending quest list has room!
    • Complete the quest 10 times to earn the Recognition of Valor quest and receive your Medal of Valor!
    • Earn bonus Realm and Bounty points for each completion of the quest!

  • A new traveling merchant has wandered into each realm claiming to sell weapons from Darkness Falls!
    • Visit Tallanvor outside Castle Sauvage in Albion
    • Visit Vendasor outside Svasud Faste in Midgard
    • Visit Vanin outside Druim Ligen in Hibernia

Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Jul 16 12:51 -0400 GMT
The following changes are now up on Ywain and Gaheris!

Otherworlds Prologue

  • The following quests have been changed to no longer require players to visit their realm's capital city and then venture back down to Lyonesse, Vanern Swamp, or Bug of Cullen in order to spawn King Uther, Ymir, or Queen Cliodna:
    • Begone, Apparitions
    • Begone, Giants
    • Begone, Fae
    • Players will now be sent directly to defeat Uther, Ymir, or Cliodna.
      • After defeating them, players will still be asked to venture to their capital city and then obtain a spiritual conduit in order to access the Otherworlds zones.
    • Players currently on the "Begone," quests that have not yet visited their realm's city can abandon them and speak with the following NPCs again to get the new expedited versions:
      • Lieutenant Haley in Lyonesse
      • Arin Snowtouch in Vanern Swamp
      • Nara Manasong in Bog of Cullen
    • Players will no longer be asked to approach the portal in order to spawn King Uther, Ymir, or Queen Cliodna and instead asked to simply defeat the appropriate boss.
      • King Uther, Ymir and Queen Cliodna will now spawn much more regularly to compensate for this change.

Otherworlds Chapter 1

  • Master Burray, Master Hamis and Master Zedde will now pause for 30 seconds after completing the portal ritual. During this pause, players will be able to turn in and pick up new quests from them but will not be able to start the encounter again until after the new rest period is over.
  • Players will be removed from stealth when gathering Otherworldly Essence.
    • Additionally the mobs in the Otherworlds zones are now more likely to see stealthed characters.
  • The quest [Siabra] Energetic Collections will now correctly require [Siabra] Picking a fight before it can be obtained.