Choose Your Realm

Choose Albion and fight to reclaim King Arthur's glory!
Choose Midgard and pledge yourself to the Vikings and to the North!
Choose Hibernia and master the magic of Nature in order to protect it!


Races & Classes

Dark Age of Camelot boasts 45 classes and 19 races across the 3 realms. Each one has its own quirks, benefits, and playstyle. Pick a combination that feels right to you.

The Adventure Begins

The dangerous but beautiful lands of Albion, Hibernia, and Midgard need taming. Explore the realms, defeat foes, and earn epic loot. However you choose to play, this is the beginning of a wonderful journey!

Realm vs. Realm

A 3-sided Realm vs. Realm experience pits you against enemy players at all levels of the game. From small skirmishes to epic large-scale battles there’s a way to participate in the realm war for everyone.

    Endless Conquest Play Options


Dark Age of Camelot

Endless Conquest (Free)


Dark Age of Camelot

Veteran (Subscription)

                                                                 Play Dark Age of Camelot for free and begin your quest to explore the realms of Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia!                                       Subscribe and enjoy access to every available class!                                                         
    Choose from a selection of powerful classes, achieve the max character level of 50, and join the battle in the New Frontiers!       Unlock all Tradeskills to craft powerful potions, armor, weapons, and more!  
    Join a Guild and band together with your realm-mates to complete campaigns and quests, earn valuable rewards, and claim victory against your foes on the field of battle!       Own a house and reap the benefits including selling items on the Housing Market, extra storage space, access to specialty NPCs and more!  
              Gain experience and earn Realm Points and Bounty Points faster!  
              Earn exclusive Veteran rewards!  


Getting up to Speed

Let us help you get started in the world of Dark age of Camelot. Follow our new player guide to quickly get into the game.


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