Dying Your Armor

One of the fun aspects of the game, is creating your own look. NPC merchants sell dyes for all cloth, leather, and enamel armor and some weapons. Additionally, Alchemists can create unique dyes for a more special look, and to dye higher end weapons.

 Merchant Dyes

Light Yellow Yellow Royal Yellow
Light Brown Brown Dark Brown
Light Orange Orange Royal Orange
Light Red Rust Red
Royal Red Crimson
Light Green Green Forest Green
Royal Green
Light Turquoise Turquoise Royal Torquoise
Light Teal Teal Dark Teal
Royal Teal
Light Blue Blue Dark Blue
Royal Blue
Light Purple Purple Dark Purple
Royal Purple Violet
Dark Grey Charcoal Black
Cloth Bleach (removes all colors)

Crafted Dyes

Tan Light Gray Olive Gray
Light Gold Dusky Orange Dark Gold
Earthen Brown
Dusky Rose Bright Rose Bright Red
Sage Green Pale Green Lime Green
Olive Green
Gray Teal Pale Blue Gray Blue
Dusky Violet Deep Violet Dark Violet