Podcast April 5th, 2015

DAoC Knights Nerf, Obelisk, Keilli, and Apriori discuss various aspects of the game, community and more in this first Knight Podcast.

Podcast April 12th, 2015

DAoC Knights Saxona, Obelisk, Keilli, and Apriori discuss various aspects of the game, community and more.

Podcast April 19th, 2015

DAoC Knight Obelisk discusses various aspects of DAoC, including name changes, bodyguard, master levels, the Knight program, assassins, Maulers, and more!

Podcast April 26th, 2015

DAoC Knights Saxona and Apriori discuss various aspects of DAoC, including login polls, class changes, the Knight program, Gaheris, and more!

Podcast May 3rd, 2015

DAoC Knights Obelisk, Nerf, and Saxona are joined by Keilli to discuss the recent newsletter, some class balancing, and the upcoming 5v5 tournament!

Podcast May 10th, 2015

DAoC Knights Luvly, Obelisk, Saxona, and Keili were joined by some DAoC players in discussing various aspects of DAoC!

CGF, Battlegroups, Agramon, PvE Encounters, and much more.

Podcast May 17th, 2015

DAoC Knight Obelisk answers some of your questions sent in through our Grab Bag form! Questions on NNF, the cup/tree/hammer symbols, housing merchants, account transfers, EU Podcasts, and more.

Podcast May 24th, 2015

DAoC Knights Saxona and Larian are joined by Keilli to discuss the latest newsletter and upcoming patch 1.118!

Podcast May 31st, 2015

DAoC Knights Obelisk, Kujii, Aendam, Larian and Keili discuss defensive stacking, Animists, Necros, update on the 5v5 tournament progress including area maps, buff classes, and more.

Podcast June 7th, 2015

Obelisk, Larian, Aendam and Kujii discuss the changes in patch notes 1.118a, item database on the herald, and more!

Podcast June 14th, 2015

Obelisk, DAoC Knights Obelisk and Kujii are joined by sleepy_will to discuss assassins, legendary weapons and buff classes while showing off the new zones from our new Otherworld Campaign!

Podcast June 28th, 2015

DAoC Knights Obelisk, Kujii, and Aendam discuss the recent info from the recent dev Q&A, Patch 1.118, assassins, Shamans, Skalds, Vamps, and more!

Podcast July 5th, 2015

DAoC Knights Aendam and Larian talk RvR, Otherworlds Campaign, and more.

Podcast July 12th, 2015

DAoC Knights Obelisk, Kuji, Aendam, Fugo and Keili are joined by DAoC Content Designer Kevin to discuss the new crafting potions coming in 1.118, the Otherworlds Campaign, and answering general questions from chat!

Podcast July 19th, 2015

DAoC Knight Obelisk is joined by DAoC Content Designer Kevin and Community Lead Carol discussing Chapter 1 of the Otherworlds campaign, what's coming for Chapter 2, some reminiscing, and more!

Podcast August 2nd, 2015

DAoC Knights Aendam and Cyrric talk classes, RvR, and answer your chat questions!

Podcast August 9th, 2015

Knights Obelisk, Kujii and Aendam talk about the upcoming DAoC 5v5 tournament, the new Herald website, giveaways, and more.

Podcast August 16th, 2015

Content Designer Kevin joined Knights Luvly, Aendam and Fugo to discuss his role and day to day job in DAoC, and answers your chat questions! Pretty long one this week with loads of chat.

Podcast August 23rd, 2015

EU Podcast with Knights Fugo (FR), Shileah (DE), Morrigs (DE), and Larian dsucissing their role in the Knight program, the program in general, differences in EU and US RvR, and more.

Podcast August 30th, 2015

Knights Obelisk and Kujii are joined by Mainland Champions team captain Lou to talk all things post 5v5 event and what's next for events.

Podcast September 20th, 2015

DAoC Knights Luvly and Aendam are joined by artist Greg Grimsby. Greg shows us some behind the scenes art in the works, and how terrain and building are constructed and placed in the world, while answering your chat questions!

Podcast September 27th, 2015

EU timed podcast with Community Admin Lea, Knights Larian, Koe, and Morrigs. Listen in as they discuss Chapter 6 of the Otherworld Campaign, 1.119 RvR changes, Legendary Weapons, and more.

Podcast October 4th, 2015

Knights Obelisk and Aendam are joined by Content Designer Kevin to show off some of the Otherworld zones coming soon, and chat.

Podcast October 18th, 2015

DAoC Knights Luvly and BoxyBrown are joined by players of the solo game to talk about why they solo, advantages and disadvantages of solo'ing, and more. Tons of contest giveaways at the end also!

Podcast October 25th, 2015

Community Admin Lea is joined by Knights Smeger, Fugo, and Koe to show off the new Legendary Weapons, Halloween costumes, new Halloween moon and general chat!

Podcast November 1st, 2015

Knight Obelisk and Community Lead Carol chat with viewers and cover viwer topics such as Wardens, Thunderstorm style, Solo/Small man, and more.

Podcast November 8th, 2015

Knights Cyrric and Aendam talk all things DAoC and answer chat questions.

Podcast November 15th, 2015

Knight Luvly chats with DAoC Producer John Thornhill to get answers to questions sent in by the players. Questions on class balancing, realm loyalty, realm timers, PvE, official forums, macro groups, and much more!

Podcast November 22nd, 2015

Knights Larian, Smeger and Fugo are joined by German Community Admin Lea while they roam around the new Ellan Vannin island on Pendragon test server.

Podcast December 13th, 2015

Knights Luvly, Smeger, Kuji, Obelisk, Saxona, BoxyBrown, Cyrric discuss the events of the year gone by in DAoC!

Podcast January 17th, 2016

First podcast of the year starts with Knights Luvly and Aendam joined by artist Greg showing off animations and character model creation!

Podcast January 24th, 2016

Community Admin Lea and Knight Smeger are joined by members of the community Yorbain and Ciddire to discuss Warlocks, Animists, Bainshees, and Theurgists.

Podcast January 31st, 2016

Knight Boxy is joined by Knight Larian, and players Kulee, Vicomtessa, and sleepywill to discuss the assassin classes. Streamed by Knight Carlspackler.

Podcast February 14th, 2016

Knight Luvly is joined by Knight Koe and players J0el, Flik, Alfcleric, MacMezz, and Tankyshaman to discuss the Cleric, Druid, and Shaman classes.

Podcast February 21st, 2016

Knight Smeger and Lea are joined by players Thiarn, Jaxwizz, Vixan, Tyrheals, Xuxxu, Ruxen, and Smakadop to discuss the Wizard, Heretic, Runemaster, and Eldritch classes.

Podcast February 28th, 2016

Knight BoxyBrown is joined by Knights Carl and Larian, and players Stang, Sleepy_will, Andys, Bowa, Kylios, Kefkka, Flik in this podcast to discuss the Scout, Ranger, Hunter, and Minstrel classes.

Podcast March 6th, 2016

Darmmrad is joined by Kiraniri, Phobies, Kytie, Bumbles, and Macmezz to talk all things BD/NEcro/Ment/Sorcs in this class focus Knight podcast. Streaming by Shileah!

Podcast March 13th, 2016

Knight Luvly is joined by Hadley, Meaduuk, Mattdamon, Flik, Joel, Vegamite, Vulkym, Knight Koe, Shileah, and Gaven to discuss Friars, Bards, Wardens, and Healers.

Podcast March 21st, 2016

Knight Smeger is joined by Beev, Lukisun, Paindancerr, Nightsmauler with Community Admin Lea hosting to discuss the Armsman, Hero, Mauler, Savage, and Warrior classes.

Podcast April 4th, 2016

Knight Koe is joined by Zadrie, Kaptkent, Dawgs, Silenttspeed, Vegamite, and Reck to discuss the Paladin, Skald, Thane, and Champion classes

Podcast April 12th, 2016

Knight Luvly is joined by a collaboration of players including Xyorman, Rescu, Nightsmauler, and Billings to discuss RvR and balance across the realms.

Podcast April 17th, 2016

Knight Smeger is joined by NateBruner, Snewpdizzle, Ishido, Murbidity, and Bozzie to discuss Zerks, Vamps, Mercs, and Blademasters in this podcast. Community admin Lea streaming.

Podcast April 24th, 2016

Knights Cyrric and Koe are joined by Vegamite, Rickispanish, Lou, and Kahzee to discuss the Valkyrie, Valewalker, and Reaver classes.