Maintenance and Management

Chapter 3: Maintenance and Management

Paying Rent

If you are going to be away for an extended period, it would be wise to fill your lockbox. This will help ensure that you have enough coin when the rent is due so that your house is not repossessed while you are away.

VERY IMPORTANT: From the moment you buy your lot, you will have 7 days from this point to pay your rent. Please note, the rent timer starts with the purchase of the lot, not the house.

Now that you have your house built and in working order, you'll need to start paying rent. Rent is due every real-world week. You can check to see how much time you have remaining until your rent is due by SHIFT-Right clicking on the outside of your house and then pressing the "Info" button located at the bottom of the interface window. Paying your rent is pretty easy. Just click out the number of coins you want and then drag the coin icon and click on the inside or outside wall of the house itself. Beware, that once you deposit money into your house, it cannot be reclaimed. You can view how much coin you have in your house also by clicking on the "Info" button. Also notice that by pressing the "Info" button you can view the maximum amount of coin you can have stored at any given time as well as overall information about your house. You may also give your friends permission to pay your house rent. This can be done using the house permission interface. More on how to give friends permission is found in Chapter 4.

Rent is charged based upon:

House Level

Should you forget to pay your rent and your house is repossessed, all of your house vault possessions will be stored with the House Bankers located in the Market area. There is one set of Bankers for personal housing vaults and a second set for guild housing vaults. Depending on the size of your house, you may have had more than one vault, and you may need to speak with several Bankers. The Bankers keep a list of your house vault items at all times and to retrieve your items, you will need to visit the Bankers with the character that originally placed the vault.

If your house is repossessed the items on your Consignment Merchant will be available through another set of merchants that can be found in the Main Market. You will need to visit these NPCs with the character who originally placed the Consignment Merchant.

All other items such as furniture, NPC's, tools, house decorations, and trophies will not be stored with the Banker and cannot be recovered if your house is repossessed.

If there is not enough money in your lockbox to pay your rent, the game will check your consignment merchant's funds and deduct the rent from that money. Lockbox and consignment monies will combine to pay a house's rent if neither alone has enough, but their combined sum is. If the combined sum is not enough when the house rent is due, the house will be repossessed.

As an aid to help house owners we have implemented a window that will popup when you zone or log into housing. This window should popup to remind you if your rent is due soon. You may also see this box if you are a member of a guild that owns a house and the rent is due on the guild house. This window is an aid to help the player but if the player fails to see the box, the player is still responsible for paying their rent on time.

Account Inactivity

After your account has been closed for 120 days, your house and all the possessions inside will be repossessed. Once your account is re-activated, you will be able to retrieve your belongings through another set of merchants that can be found in the Main Market.

Rent Tokens

One additional way to help pay your rent costs is by exchanging bounty points for rent tokens. If you're the owner of a house you can exchange your personal bounty points for rent tokens to pay your own rent. The exchange rate is 1 Bounty Point = 1 Gold. You can buy these rent tokens in the Common Market area in the housing area.

If your guild owns a guild house and you are guild rank 0, you may also use your own personal bounty points to pay for rent tokens.

Bounty Tokens are no-drop, so you cannot trade them and you cannot use them to pay rent on someone else's house.

Please note that you cannot deposit a rent token in your lockbox if its value is larger than the total amount your lockbox can hold. If you need change for a rent token, visit the NPC in the market who sells the tokens and he will offer you the option of making change for large denomination tokens.

An alternative to using rent tokens is the /bountyrent command. To pay your rent this way, simply type /bountyrent followed by either personal or guild (depending on the type of house you wish to pay rent for) and then the number of bounty points you wish to spend. For instance, to deposit 40 gold worth of rent in the lockbox of your personal house, you would type:

/bountyrent personal 40

Selling Your Home

Please note that only Personal Homes can be sold, not Guild homes. Should you decide to sell your home to a fellow player, there are a few steps to follow. The first thing you need to do is to get the title to your home. You can purchase the house title to your home in the housing market area from the deed NPC. Once you have the house title, it works just like any other item transaction. Hand the house title to the player you wish to sell it to, decide on the price, and then both of you hit accept. You can only sell a house to someone who doesn't already own a home.

If your home has housing vaults, NPCs, a bindstone, or a consignment merchant, these items will NOT transfer when you sell your home. You should remove your items from the vaults and merchants, and then pick them up. If you fail to do this the items that were inside the vaults and merchants will be located on the bankers in the market area. You should retrieve these from the banker before purchasing another lot. If you fail to retrieve them before purchasing another lot, you will be unable to retrieve them from the bankers. You must then place a house with the same amount of vault space or larger in order to place the vaults and merchants. Your items will then be in your new house. If you desire to sell these items, you must pick them up and sell them from your inventory separate of the home itself. Trading your house deed to another player will also destroy your porch if you have one.

Once you have the house title, it works just like any other item transaction.
  • You must stand on the lot where the house is
  • Then hand the house title to the player you wish to sell it to
  • Decide on the price
  • Then both of you hit accept
Please note: you can only sell a house to someone who doesn't already own a home.

Getting Back to Your Home

There are a number of ways you can get back to your home once you set out on an adventure or leave to defend the realm. We've provided horse routes and hasteners through out the zone to help you reach your village more quickly. Also, the owner of a house can use the portal locations in Shrouded Isles and at the Portal keeps to port back to their home. You may be given permission by the owner of a personal or guild house that you do not own to teleport to it. To do this, purchase a Medallion or Scroll of Hearth Bind Passage from the merchants in your realm's portal keep or Shrouded Isles. Guild members can also use these porters to port to their guild house. Other players who have bound at a house can type /release house to return to your home bind spot if they fall in battle.

If you are having trouble locating the exact location of your home, you can use the /houseface command to face in the direction of your home. This works similarly to the /face command. You may also choose to /houseface a particular lot number, which is useful for finding your friends. An example of this would be:

/houseface 123

If you wish to find your guild house you may use the command:

/houseface [guildname]