Beginner's Guide: Creating Your Character

Choosing Realm & Race


You can create up to ten characters in each Realm. There are several servers to choose from, so you can experiment freely with different realms, character races, and classes. You can have characters in each realm on the same Ywain server. You can also play more than one character (although not simultaneously, unless you have multiple Dark Age of Camelot accounts). You cannot play on separate realms using two accounts on the same computer.


So, to begin with, we encourage you to be experimental about the character types you play.
You may find some types of characters really work well for your style of play as a solo player, but other types may suit your personality better when you are in groups. You may also create special characters to learn trade skills, such as spellcrafting, alchemy and armor or weapon crafting, and use them to create the best equipment for you and your friends. Not all character races can be all classes, so before you decide on a race/class combination, make sure it's possible first! See Race Requirements below.

Character Creation

About Stats

In each Realm, you can choose from among seven different races (19 races in all). Each race has basic  qualities. Besides their physical appearance, which varies from race to race, they also begin  life with some other attributes, known generally as their "stats." These attributes are basically the same for each realm, with minor variations. The attributes for Albion are, for instance: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Quickness, Intelligence, Piety and Charisma. Some races are very strong, but not so quick. Others may be fast and dexterous, but not terribly powerful. There are also certain races that are even in all attributes, not excelling at any. Choosing the race you will play does have an effect on your final character. If you want to be a wizard, for instance, it's best to look for a character with high intelligence. A basic fighter type (sometimes known as a "tank") will need strength, lots of health (Constitution) and good dexterity. Some magic users use their piety (or Empathy in Hibernia) to fuel their magic skill.

Character Appearance & Stat Allocation

Once you have chosen a race and a class, you must name the character, create your character look, and allocate some bonus points to the most important attributes. You will have 30 points to allocate, but be warned that if you add more than 10 points to one attribute, each point over 10 counts for two of your allocation, not one. Notice also that certain attributes are highlighted in yellow. These are the attributes most important to the type of character you have chosen, and it is generally a good idea to boost these attributes if you want your character to be most effective. By default, these are automatically assigned once you select a class, but are changeable during creation and through the customize option located at the bottom of the character list screen.

Class Types

Although we suggest that you experiment with different types of characters, here is a little more information about each of the character types you can play:


A tank is a powerful fighter who can stand toe-to-toe (or toe-to-claw/talon/tooth, etc.) with the enemy, absorbing or evading blows and keeping the enemy's attention. This allows magic users and others to stand back and do their work on the enemy safely.


Casters are pure magic users who are generally ineffective at melee combat. However, they may have many powerful spells, and a number of tricks up their cloth armor sleeves to deal with aggressive enemies.


Hybrid characters are a mix of magic user and tank. They sacrifice something in each area, but tend to be versatile and effective in a variety of situations. They can fight and use magic of various kinds, and often make good solo characters, though they can make significant contributions in groups, as well. A hybrid character can stand in as a tank, particularly if there is a healer in the group to keep them alive!

Pet Class

Pet classes are a special kind of magic users who can either summon a creature to fight for them or take mental control of an enemy. In any case, pet classes can control other creatures in battle. They also have spells of various kinds that can affect the enemy and/or enhance the skills of people in their group.


Stealth classes are those who can become invisible to their enemies and use surprise to attack, or who can sneak into enemy areas to spy. Stealth users generally don't have high defenses, but they do have weapons, and they know how to use them.


Healers are pretty much what they sound like. They help keep group members alive during battle by casting healing spells. They also have the ability to "buff" other characters, by enhancing their attributes, casting protective spells, and so forth. Healers (and some other hybrid character types as well) may also have the ability to resurrect the dead, which can help avoid some of the inconveniences of dying.


Class Types per Realm

Class Type Description
Tank The Armsman is a basic fighter who specializes in all weapon and armor types, including the polearm and crossbow. The armsman does not have magic skills, but does have quite a number of special combat styles and can provide special protection for other characters in group combat.
Tank Mercenaries are skilled in the use of many weapons, and can dual wield (a weapon in each hand) and use short bows. More of a finesse fighter, they rely on speed and dexterity as opposed to force.
Hybrid/Tank Paladins are holy fighters who have great prowess with weapons, but also have certain magic abilities that can be used to help protect and enhance the effectiveness of groups. Ultimately, Paladins also gain the ability to resurrect fallen comrades.
Hybrid/Tank Reavers are skilled fighters, though they are limited to chain armor. They can specialize in several weapon types, including the new flexible weapons such as morningstars. They have powerful magic for stealing life energy and directly damaging foes.
Stealth Scouts specialize in remaining unseen and using their powerful longbow to damage unsuspecting enemies or using sneak attacks on enemies. They can fight at close quarters, but not nearly as effectively as pure tank characters.
Stealth/Hybrid Minstrels are average fighters, but they do have special songs that can be very valuable in groups as well as special shouts that can do instant direct damage to enemies. They can also mesmerize enemies or even control them using their songs. Minstrels have a speed song that allows them (and members of their groups) to travel more quickly than usual on foot.
Stealth Infiltrators are the master spies of Albion. Their backstab attack is very strong, but they are not particularly powerful fighters in close. They can remain unseen, however, and help a group spy on the enemy.
Caster/Pet Class Theurgists master the elements and have a great variety of spells. They can summon elemental spirits to fight for them, and can also cast special spells to enhance the abilities of other members of their groups.
Caster Like the Theurgist, Wizards use elemental magic and can cast spells that do massive damage to enemies, or that slow or stop them in their tracks. Wizards can also cast enhancement spells on themselves and on group members.
Caster/Pet Class Sorcerers use powerful spells to damage or control enemies. They can also capture creatures and use them to fight for them. Sorcerers can be effective as solo hunters, using their pets and spells, or as support members of a group, where they often specialize in their mez (mesmerize) and debuff spells.
Caster/Pet Class Cabalists have a unique set of spells based in spirit magic and can summon creatures to fight for them. Their damage and control spells are based in body and matter magic. Cabalists are good both solo and in groups.
Caster/Pet Class Necromancers can summon up the spirits of the dead to fight for them, becoming a "shade" that cannot be harmed or affected by any physical or magical attack. They also have a number of spells that they can cast directly on enemies or through their summoned pet. Necromancers are very effective solo characters.
Healer Clerics are the pure healers of Albion, and specialize in healing and protection spells. Clerics can also resurrect dead players, which is a very useful and valued skill. Although Clerics have some spells to directly damage enemies they are not very effective as solo players, but they are invaluable in groups and can almost always find a welcome any time.
Healer/Tank The friar has many of the Cleric's abilities, but is a pretty effective fighter as well. Although they aren't nearly as effective as the pure fighter classes, they can hold their own and are popular as both solo and group characters.
Hybrid/Healer/Caster Heretics are very versatile, with access to damage spells, healing spells, protection spells and melee styles/attacks. Their damage spells are unique in that they increase in damage as they are maintained for longer durations. They are restricted to wearing cloth but can use shields.

Class Type Description
Tank Warriors are pure fighters, much like the Midgard equivalent of Albion's Armsman. Warriors have no magic abilities, but can master all weapons and armor and can use powerful fighting styles to vanquish enemies.
Hybrid A basic fighter, the Thane can also use weather spells against enemies. Thanes use hammer weapons and can train in a spell line that gives them area of effect and buff spells.
Hybrid Skalds are fighters, but not good tanks. They have a fast travel song, which makes them great for exploration and covering ground quickly, as well as some good direct damage shouts. Their defensive abilities are lower than other tanks, and they don't get chain armor until level 20. Skalds can be great group members, and decent solo players.
Damage machine Berserkers are technically good tanks, although they don't really take damage well. However, they have the highest damage output in Midgard and so can be very effective at killing opponents quickly. They are best in groups. Soloing with berserkers can be challenging, although dealing out tons of damage or transforming into the berserker's bear mode can be lots of fun.
Hybrid Savages can specialize in hand-to-hand fighting with both hands, using special weapons. At higher levels, they may gain the ability to attack more than once in a round and also to damage multiple enemies in the same round. They can gain special abilities that allow them to trade their own health for endurance or other enhancements. Savages do not wear heavy armor, and so are susceptible to taking damage from strong enemies.
Hybrid Mystical warrior women, Valkyries rely equally on their skills with weapons and the magic of Odin for their damage. Valkyries have unique abilities with the spear, and spells that damage enemies in an area of effect immediately in front of them.
Caster Runemasters are the heavy-duty damage casters of Midgard and can deal out death from long range. In a group, with a tank in front, a runemaster can make short work of the enemy. They can also cast damage add buffs and increase group speed. Their bladeturn and other protection spells can significantly aid a group. Runemasters can solo effectively, though they are extremely fragile in melee and should avoid direct confrontations at all costs, and they are always welcome in groups.
Pet class Like all pet classes, the Spiritmaster can use the pet to draw aggro and can also cast some good damage spells. Spiritmasters can be very effective as solo players, and, depending on how they specialize their skills, can also provide debuffs, mez and root spells, or do a lot of direct damage. Playing solo, they can use strong offensive spells, pet enhancements and lifetaps to be very effective. Like other casting classes, they are weak in melee and should avoid drawing aggro or engaging in physical combat.
Pet class The bonedancer is truly a pet class, with the ultimate ability, at high levels, of having four pets at a time. In addition, depending on which specializations they choose, bonedancers can create a variety of different types of pets - melee, healer, buffer, debuffer and ranged (archer). Bonedancers also get some direct damage and debuff spells of their own. Playing solo, some bonedancers become nukers and rely mostly on their DD spells. Others use pets extensively. In groups, bonedancers are most likely to be support nukers since pets steal xp, and most groups would rather get maximum xp than lose it to pets. But the pets make good backups, and a tank in trouble may very well tell the bonedancer, "Use pets!"
Caster The Warlock class is based around a careful planning, high damage, and long casting time. Warlock primary spells take about twice as long to cast as regular spells in the game - however, anytime the Warlock casts a primary spell they can (at no cost) add in a secondary spell that will land at the same time as the primary. Warlocks also have the ability to "chamber" spells, keeping spells in reserve to be cast instantly later.
Healer/Caster Shamans can buff, heal and rez others and can solo fairly effectively using buffs and a cautious approach. However, shamans don't survive long in melee combat, they lack any instant spells, and rely pretty much entirely on magic. They are popular additions to groups, where they can buff, heal, rez, cast DoTs and root adds, however, and should not have a hard time finding others to adventure with.
Healer/Caster Healers are very popular in groups and have a very hard time playing solo. Definitely a support class, they can heal, cure, buff, rez, root, stun and mez. 
Stealther/Archer Hunters are the only archers of the frosty realm of Midgard. Their ability to train in Composite Bows leads them to be one of the best long-ranged damage dealers in the realm. While their bows are slightly shorter ranged and slightly less damaging than their counterparts in the other realms, Hunters are better melee fighters. In addition, blessed by their Norse goddess of the Hunt, Skadi, Hunters are capable of using her blessings to enhance and protect themselves.
Beastcraft is the small spell line available to Hunters, which gives them some buffing abilities as well as pet summoning and charming spells. While Hunters are neither masters of arms, archery, nor stealth, their combined abilities allow them to battle using tactics and guile over sheer brute strength.
Stealth Shadowblades are masters of stealth and can be very effective in RvR combat due to the ability they can gain to climb walls as well as their stealth abilities. Not an easy class to play, especially since they aren't generally seen as useful in groups outside of RvR. Challenging and rewarding, nonetheless, Shadowblades make excellent assassins and fascinating characters to play.<

Class Type Description
Tank The hero is the ultimate Hibernian tank. Lacking magic of any kind, heroes rely on strength and weapon abilities, the ability to take the hits and the ability to dish out the damage. Like all pure tanks, they can solo, but must find ways to pull enemy creatures out of a group without getting overwhelmed. In groups, the hero's role is clearly to be the tank and to stand in front, keeping aggro while the casters do their work.
Hybrid Champions are versatile fighter/mages that take some thought to play effectively. A challenging class, the champion is also a very rewarding one. Champions can become more offensive or defensive minded, depending on how they specialize. They are not terribly effective melee fighters - average at best - but can combine melee with nuke and snare spells, making them a true mix of fighter and mage. In groups, champions can deal out considerable damage, and occasionally be the tank (with good healing support), but probably their best role is defensive, and if they have spec'd in defensive skills, they can help protect other group members while supporting the tanks in doing damage.
Tank Agile and quick, blademasters master the art of cutting up their enemies while avoiding their attacks. As with some other character types, blademasters can choose specialization paths that emphasize damage or defense. In any case, their primary role is to dish out a lot of damage in the front lines, and, lacking any magic ability, they suffer from the same challenges as other pure fighters, although they can learn to use a bow and use that to pull enemies. Ultimately, they can swagger their way through enemy attacks as long as they keep their equipment repaired and up to date.
Tank The Vampiir is a self-sufficient hybrid fighter. Vampiirs gain magical power from the damage they deal to enemies and are able to use that power to cast offensive spells and self-only enhancement spells. If a Vampiir goes too long without damaging an enemy their power will wane and they will become unable to cast spells. As they possess natural self buffs Vampiirs cannot be the target of most other buff spells.
Hybrid Wardens are the ultimate character for those who want variety. They can fill many roles, and combine healing, buffing, melee and range attacks. Wardens can be effective as solo players and are also great in groups, though they generally take more of a "floating" role, filling in where needed. Their pbt (pulsing bladeturn) is always welcome in group situations.
(music based)
Bards are one of the ultimate Hibernian support classes. They can fulfill a number of roles, including the ability to mez enemies, heal and res, and speed up power and endurance regeneration. In general, bards are one of the most popular classes for groups, and are not generally recommended as solo characters.
Healer/Pet class Druids are by far the premier healers in Hibernia, and are therefore in demand for groups, but, unlike most healer types, they can solo effectively, especially by using a pet to help hold aggro. Since they can specialize in weapons and use a shield, druids can fight in melee, although that isn't their best position. An intriguing and fun class to play.
Caster/Pet Class This versatile caster class just about encompasses every type of magic ability, including DD, AOE, mez, heal, regeneration and DoTs. They can even charm another creature to use as a temporary pet. Smart mentalists can also solo very high mobs or make significant contributions to groups.
Caster The eldritch is a pure damage caster, although there are several paths to take that determine how that damage is dished out. The eldritch is an almost necessary addition to a group as the primary damage caster; however, with the high damage output, eldritch can also solo very effectively. Picking the eldritch spec path requires some forethought, as there are several paths to choose from.
Caster These ghostly women have the power to do damage across large areas using the power of their voices.  While they can cast single target damage spells they focus on spells that damage anyone within an area of effect.  Their specialty is a distinctive cone AOE that damages a swath of enemies in front of them.
Pet class Enchanters have a variety of choices to make that will determine their future paths. They can concentrate more on being a pet user, which is useful for solo play. Or they can concentrate more on buffs or nukes -useful also in groups. Like other casting classes, enchanters can't stand up to any serious melee situation; however, they are very popular in groups for a variety of reasons, and, with tank support, can use AOE spells to waste a battalion of enemies. Or, they can solo effectively with strong pets and nukes.
Stealth/Hybrid Rangers make great solo characters. They can hide, use ranged weapons and fight effectively in melee. Other than their ability to pull mobs using their bows, they have limited usefulness in groups, however,  and are not generally desired by groups. One exception is other rangers, who can work together to be very effective.
Stealth A complex class, the nightshade is ideal for players who like to be assassins and stealthy killers. However, choosing the appropriate specializations requires some forethought, as a nightshade can develop along different paths, specializing more in melee or scouting or assassin skills. Not generally popular in groups. Probably not the best first character, but a challenging and interesting one.
Hybrid Valewalkers are specialized mage/tanks who wear only cloth armor, but have a variety of armor enhancements. They also wield a very big stick - the scythe - which can do considerable melee damage, and their attack styles often have proc additions for extra effect. Even though they wear only cloth armor, their self-buffs allow them to be an effective melee class.
Pet class Animists are a pure spellcasting pet class with a wide variety of pet options. Animist pets are different from those of most pet classes. There are "bomber" pets that go out and explode on a target, and there are stationary pets that can fulfill a variety of roles, from direct damage and aoe to healing. The animist, like most casters, has very little defense, and must rely on the pets or tanks for survival.

Once you have created a character, it's time to enter the world and start playing!


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