Three Realms

The world of Dark Age of Camelot is comprised of three Realms at war - Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia. The struggle between the Realms resulted from the power vacuum created by King Arthur's death. Each Realm is geographically diverse from one another and follow a specific mythological tradition. Albion is the land of King Arthur's heirs. Hibernia is based on Irish Celtic legends, with a dash of high fantasy. Midgard follows the Viking Norse sagas and legends.

From the rolling hills of Camelot to the mountainous peaks of Snowdonia, Albion is through and through the land of Arthur. Forged from his iron will, paid for by the blood of Knights and commoner alike, Albion encompasses the ideals, the laws, and the heritage of its most famous King. The people of Albion are a mostly homogenous lot - sturdy Britons, hulking Highlanders, graceful swift Saracens, the tall intelligent Avalonians, and the small mysterious Inconnu make up the different races in the Realm.


The center of culture and government in Albion is the city of Camelot, the former seat of the throne of Arthur. From there stretch the forests and plains of the Realm: to the west of Camelot lie huge plains, deep dark forests, trackless swamps, and haunted hills. To the north loom the mountains of Snowdonia, and frontier lands, dangerous and unpredictable. The geography of Albion is varied and rolling, and is home to many dangerous creatures. Especially of note are the disturbing stories of the legions of undead Roman soldiers, long in their graves, now risen to walk the land once more. More mundane creatures lie in wait for the unwary traveler of the Realm, grown ever more bold in the years since Arthur's demise.

Join Albion in their quest for supremacy!

For those who choose to join the fight to reclaim Arthur's glory, Albion has much to offer the intrepid adventurer. Albion specializes in a diverse mix of player classes; from doughty weapon-users to magicians of many types, to Clerics to longbow-proficient Scouts - these and more rally in defense of the Realm.

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Hibernia, closest to nature and magic of all the Realms, brings a potent ability to channel for forces of magic and unleash its destructive force on their enemies. Human Celts and the almost-giant Firbolg live in close harmony with forest, glen, and all nature's creations. The Otherworldly beautiful Elves, small mischievous Lurikeen, and sleek magical Sylvan harness the power of primal magic.


From the capitol city of Tir na Nog, located in the heart of the Realm, the lands of Hibernia stretch away to the north and south. Hibernia is made of rolling hills, lakes, and rivers. Far away from the civilized sections of the Realm lie deep forest, more steeply mountainous hills, and deadly creatures. Of special note are the dangerous bands of siabra, magical creatures related to the Elves, who hold sway over large tracts of Hibernia - a menace that needs to be dealt with.

The Magical Choice

Based on Celtic legends and otherworldly Elvish high fantasy, Hibernia will appeal to every nature and magic aficionados. Druids, Rangers, Eldritches - this Realm has them all!

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From the snowy lands of glacier and fjord come the legions of the Norse, heeding the call to once and for all establish the rule of Midgard upon all the Realms. Midgard, land of lakes and wide slow rivers full of snow-melt, is home to four of the most diverse races found in the three Realms. Norsemen, humans who make themselves at home in these snowy wastes, short but resilient and tenacious Dwarves, huge lumbering trolls, and lithe dexterous Kobolds.


Midgard is made of low swampy marshlands, deep evergreen forests, flat areas dotted by glacial lakes, soaring snow-capped mountains, and snowy wastes. Centered around the capitol city of Jordheim, the various races and creatures of Midgard have a diverse geography in which to adventure and explore.

A Direct Link to the Gods

Join the forces of the Norse as they answer the call from their diverse pantheon of gods and goddesses -- each player class in Midgard is directly attuned with a Norse deity, who grants special abilities and advantages to their minions.

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