Create Your Character

When first entering the game you’ll need to choose a realm and create a character. Dark Age of Camelot boasts 45 classes and 19 races across the 3 realms, each with their own quirks, benefits, and playstyle. Pick any combination that feels right to you!

Starting Out

Before venturing forth and exploring your realm, get familiar controlling your character and situating your abilities to your liking on the quickbar. 

The Adventure Begins

The beautiful lands of Albion, Hibernia, and Midgard await you! Follow our New User Journey to gain levels and relevant gear for your class; or venture off the beaten path to explore the realms, defeat foes, and complete quests. However you choose to play, this is the beginning of a wonderful journey!

Defeat Your Foes

Whether battling with sword or spear, unleashing destruction using elemental magic, or aiding your realm-mates with the healing arts – you will find exciting and intricate combat options to suit your play style.  Our Combat Basics guide will set you on a path to victory! 


As you gain levels your character receives ‘specialization points’ that can be spent towards better abilities. Visit your class’ trainer to spend any unspent spec points and improve your abilities, especially if you’re having difficulties with enemy encounters.


While adventuring in the realm you will undoubtedly come across a fellow realm-mate. Invite them to your party and make a new friend while you level or join forces with several realm-mates and go raid a nearby dungeon or battleground!

Realm versus Realm

Venture to the RvR battlegrounds to find and fight other players around your character’s level or to complete highly rewarding quests in these dangerous locales. Team up with your realm-mates there to siege the keep or go it alone against all odds!

An Immersive and thrilling three-sided
Realm vs. Realm experience awaits you at all levels of the game. From small skirmishes to epic large-scale battles and relic raids, there’s a way to participate in the realm war for everyone.


Guilds are an association of like-minded players who have joined together. Each guild has its own chat channel, ranks, rules, emblem, and goals. Alliances can be formed between player guilds and create even larger networks of players to accomplish even larger goals.

Join a guild or form your own if you have a bunch of friends you’re already playing Dark Age of Camelot with!


Join in Dark Age of Camelot’s player-driven economy! Choose from one of our many Tradeskills to craft armor, weapons, potions and more!

Player Housing

From a rustic Cottage to a sprawling Mansion build and decorate a home to be proud of.

Display trophies of slain monsters or captured enemy guild banners and make use of a swathe of specialty tools and merchants. Hoard your wares in your housing vaults or buy & sell them on the market.

DAoC Community

Get involved with the Dark Age of Camelot Community to make friends and allies, stay up-to-speed on the Realm War, and to give or receive additional assistance.  In-Game as well as out, welcome to Dark Age of Camelot’s wonderful and dedicated community!