An integral part of Dark Age of Camelot is the concept of Realms. Realms are entirely independent worlds that exist within the larger world of the game. Although there are some exceptions to this, the primary principle is that each of the Realms is at war with each of the others, and that they cannot even communicate with each other. Realm vs. Realm combat (known as RvR) occurs in special level-specific battlegrounds, in the New Frontiers, and in special RvR dungeons.

Battlegrounds are smaller RvR areas and entry into each is limited by level. Battelgrounds are a good place to learn now to use your RvR skills before venturing out into the main RvR zones in New Frontiers. Each Battleground has its own central keep (CK) to be sieged and defended.

The battleground level limits are as follows:
  • The Proving Grounds (Level 1-4)
  • The Lion's Den (Level 5-9)
  • The Hill's of Claret (Level 10-14)
  • Killaloe (Level 15-19)
  • Thidranki (Level 20-24)
  • Braemar (Level 25-29)
  • Wilton (Level 30-34)
  • Molvik (Level 35-39)
  • Leirvik (Level 40-44)
  • Cathal Valley (Level 45-49)

Realm Map

The large map of the frontiers invites playstyles of all types including solo play, small man, group, and battlegroups. Siege warfare plays a huge part in the day to day battle between the realms!

Each realm has 6 keeps which can be attacked, defended, and claimed. Each keep has a set of towers, ranging from 2 to 3 depending on keep. Within the game there is a realm war map which eeps you updated on all the frontier action, who owns what keep or tower, when a keep or tower is under siege, and is used to port across the frontier to owned locations. Ownership of certain keeps, not all, and all its towers allow for teleporting around not only your own realm, but the enemy realms also.

The Relic Towns by the strength relics of each realm are now the base location where players appear after zoning into the frontiers. These towns have trainers, buffing NPC's, merchants, and a portal pad that ports players to a safe port zone on Ellan Vannin. This portal pad port timer slows down based on the number of keeps a realm owns, and does not port if any of the following keeps are under enemy control: Dun Ailinne, Dun Scathaig, Caer Renaris, Caer Hurbury, Fensalir Faste, and Arvakr Faste.

Ruined keeps

The main merchant keep of each realm is a ruined keep, which means they are in a permanent stage of destruction. Walls have holes in them, siege towers are fully built, and the general look of the keep is one of a heavily sieged keep! These keeps can be taken and claimed, and ported to once all towers are also taken. 

  • Albion: Caer Benowyc
  • Hibernia: Dun Crauchon
  • Midgard: Bledmeer Faste


Each realm has two relics; one power and one strength. Owning and defending your own is a matter of realm pride. Capturing one or more enemy relic gives increased rewards and bonuses to your realm. Bonuses can be viewed ingame by clicking the Bonuses tab on the realm war map.

Ellan Vannin

Between each realm frontier is an island known as Ellan Vannin. This island has large open areas, one safe port in area for each realm, one milegate per realm, one portable tower per realm, 2 large captureable docks, Buggane's Obelisk (captureable RP bonus, % depends on realm rank), and an underground central keep. There are many quests which require you to RvR on ellan Vannin or collect items such as rubble, boxes, and King's Brew!

Ruined Areas

Ruined town areas have been added to each realm's frontier to incentivise the solo playstyle. These areas contain an objective known as Buggane's Obelisk that grants the player an RP bonus, and the ability to telepoprt between these areas once activated. This buff can only be obtained by ungrouped players and only at these locations: Folley Lake near Berkstead, Moydruim Castle near Bolg, and Trellebourg Fortress near Blendrake. Once a player with this buff joins a group, the buff is removed.

Siege Warfare

Siege is a vital part of any keep/tower attack, and defense. Skilling your toons up in siegecrafting enable you to deploy various siege items and use them, and craft special ammunition for certain siege objects. The various types of siege include:

  • Rams
  • Trebuchets
  • Catapults
  • Ballistas
  • Palintones

Darkness Falls

The dungeon of Darkness Falls is open to whichever ream owns the most outposts in the frontiers. Realms fight for control to venture into the demonic depths for lucrative rewards. When you are in Darkness Falls and another Realm takes control of the portals, you can stay in the underworld until you exit (via a portal) or /release on death. This means that while adventuring in Darkness Falls, please be aware that you will probably run into members of opposing Realms. RvR combat is fully supported in the underworld, so beware. When portal control changes from one Realm to another, those members of the original Realm that had control are still able to adventure throughout Darkness Falls, so long as they don't release on death. As long as they are resurrected on death by a friendly healer-type that is with them, they can stay in Darkness Falls for as long as they want.

Passage of Conflict

The frontier dungeon Passage of conflict has entrances located near the realm's central keeps, Caer Boldiam, Dun na nGed, and Glenlock Faste. Adventures find the XP rewards in this dungeon very rewarding and often choose to level throughout this dungeon. As the dungeon entrance is in the frontiers, RvR players can port in and hunt for realm enemies!


The Labyrinth of the Minotaurs expansion brought a clockwork world to the realms, including a frontier dungeon where players can roam for enemies or complete quests and boss mob encounters. 

When taking part in RvR there are some items you will need to aid your journey across the frontiers, and especially in taking part in epic battles.

For everyone:

  • Water breathing potions
  • Buff potions
  • End/health/mana potions
  • Speed of the Hunt gems
  • Scroll of Recall
  • A mount, with saddle and armor (for increased speed)

Additionally for Tanks/Stealthers:

  • Celerity potions
  • Tenacity potions

Additionally for Casters

  • Greater Focal Mythirian

Potions can be obtained through crafting, player merchants in housing, or bought with bounty points from bounty merchants. Please note potions/gems bought from bounty merchants are lower in value (not cost) than ones crafted by players.

While a lot of classes have abilities that cover these essentials, such as speed/water breath spells, it is always a good idea to have your own supply, just in case!

Remember! Part of fighting other players means sometimes you will lose. Just get back out there and rejoin the fight. Don't fear the /release!