Dark Age of Camelot has a fantastic community, and if you want to stay in touch with friends, get help, provide intel, share tips and tricks, and more, there are several community options available for use.

In-game you have a number of channels you can use at your convenience. These channels can be split into separate windows and color coded if/as desired.


Channel Usage Function
Say /s [message] Send a message that only people in your immediate range can read. If an enemy sees this, they won't be able to understand it, so don't worry!
Tells /send Player [message] Tells or sends as some refer to them as, send messages direct and privately between one player and another. If you receive a tell, press 'R' to reply (default key).
Whisper /whisper [message]  
Region Chat /region [message] This will send a message to the entire region you're in, for example if you're in NF (not including dungeons), everyone in NF will be able to read it.
LFG Chat /lfg [message] This is  the Looking for Group channel. Players can use this channel to let people know you are looking for a group.
Advice Chat /advice or /ad [mesage] This is used to get and give advice, for example on specs, templates, etc.
Trade Chat /trade [message] This channel is ued to buy, sell, and trade items.
Guild Chat /gu [message] This sends messages only to your guild members.
Group Chat /g [message] This sends messages only to your group members.
Chat Groups /c [message] Chat groups are normally used to organise people for PvE/RvR that doesn't involve a battlegroup that actively does PvE/RvR.
Battlegroup /bc [message] This is to send a message to your battlegroup. Battlegroups are usually for active PvE/RvR, with options for loot rules and managing who can use the battlegroup to speak. Battlegroups are a means to also organize several groups with one common goal.
Broadcast /broadcast [message] Broadcast is used to send a message in easily noticeable colours in close range. Much like /say, but in special colors.

You can find out more about commands and their usage on our Slash Commands page.

We have places for you to stay in touch with the community outside of the game too, so don't hesitate to use them!

Official Forums Join our forums for all the goings on and get help and advice from other players, or join in the latest discussions! DAoC's official forums can be found here: https://forum.darkageofcamelot.com/ 
Discord Free chat and voice software that is really popular. Join thousands of other DAoC players by going to https://discordapp.com and once you've created an account, click this link to join our official DAoC Discord: https://discord.gg/daoc

We also have a video guide which will walk you through joining Discord, step by step! 
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If you need assistance of any kind, there are a number of ways you can get help.

If you need ingame assistance from a Customer Support Representative (CSR), type the following: /appeal [your issue here] 

This will open a pop-up, giving you the opportunity to specify the kind of help you need:

  • Select [VIOLATION REPORT] if you have issues with another player not following the rules of conduct
  • Select [APPEAL] if you need help with your character.

Alternatively, you can email support@darkageofcamelot.com

To report a bug ingame, please use the#bug-report channel in our official Discord.

Remember! The Aforementioned forum and Discord is also a great place you can get help from fellow players.