When you first enter Dark Age of Camelot with a new character, you will find yourself in the tutorial area. The tutorial allows you to get familiar with the game, its controls and the user interface, and how to move around in the world and perform actions with your character, while you are sent on some easier starting quests and tasks.

Speak with the NPC in front of you with the yellow Camelot knot above its head to begin your journey!

Once you have finished the quests in the first starter city, you will be given the task to leave the tutorial area, and travel into the main land of your realm.

The New User Journey is designed in a way that guides you through some of the classic zones that are appropriate for the level of your character. In every city you travel to as you continue on your journey, you will find lots of quests that will reward you with experience points to grow your character, and appropriate items and weapons that keep you perfectly equipped to master the tasks you are sent out to do.

Should you ever miss some of the item rewards in any of the quest hubs, visit the Quartermaster NPC in the next city! You will be able to buy the item rewards from the previous quest hubs there so you can easily keep your equipment up to date with your character level.

While you are following the quests and progress with your character, you will be offered to visit the battlegrounds (note: battlegrounds are not available on the Gaheris server). While you will find Player versus Environment quests there, too, the battlegrounds will allow you to gain your first experiences with the Realm versus Realm fights in Dark Age of Camelot as you encounter the other two realms there, so make sure to be prepared!

Quests in the battlegrounds will not reward you with items. Instead, you will get Bounty points for them which you can turn in for powerful items at the Bounty Merchant NPC your teleport keep!

You will also be guided to visit dungeons that are appropriate to your level in some of the New User Journey quest cities. These dungeons are not instanced, so you will compete with other players for the monsters that roam there, which is a great opportunity to join forces and make some new friends! These dungeons have NPC's waiting to talk to you, with quests that award a great amount of experience should you complete them. These quests can be completed at a higher level, if you don't feel brave enough just yet!

Some quest hubs also have a special quest that rewards you with Mythirians, very powerful items that, for example, boost your character’s mana or endurance regeneration. The monsters that need to be killed for these quests are usually too powerful to encounter them on your own, so make sure to group up with other players to fight them together! You can identify those quests by the prefix [Epic Encounter].

Once you have completed the New User Journey, your character should be in its early 30s. From that point on, you will have to shape your way on your own and discover the world of Dark Age of Camelot yourself. Visit the border keeps of your realm (Snowdonia Keep and Sauvage Castle for Albion, Svasud Faste and Vindsaul Faste for Midgard, Druim Ligen and Druim Cain for Hibernia) for directions on where to go next, or enter the battlegrounds to continue growing your character. 

Suggested Leveling Guide

  • Level 1 - 10: Tutorial Area
  • Level 10 - 35: Mainland Questing
  • Level 35: Travel to Snowdonia Fortress in Albion, Druim Cain in Hibernia, Vindsaul Faste in Midgard and obtain the Quest: Continuation from the keep commander. This quest will direct you on areas to visit for adventure, for a final reward once you hit level 50.
  • Level 35 - 40: Molvik Battleground
  • Level 40 - 45: Leirvik Battleground
  • Level 45 - 50: Cathal Valley Battleground

At level 50, visit your realm's king for free epic gear with great stats, to start Champion Levels, and obtain the quest: Culmination. This quest will guide you on what to do after level 50 for final RvR preparations and template worthy items!


Darkness Falls is the demonic domain of Legion and his vast array of servants and followers. Legion feeds on the warfare, bloodshed, strife, and misery. Baited promises of power and riches lead many mortals astray and, inevitably, to their doom. Any character brave (or foolish) enough to want to explore Darkness Falls will have to find one of the portals that have been put in each Realm's home zone. Additionally, there are portals in each Realm's Relic Keeps. Please note that Darkness Falls is attuned to the power of each Realm - only those members of the Realm that hold more territory than the others are allowed entry. In order to activate your Realm's portal, your Realm must hold more frontier keeps (Outposts) than either of the other two Realms.

Each realm has a wing in which they enter the dungeon, Near each entrance (a couple rooms away) is an exit that will take the 'home' realm to back to their home region, but will take 'enemies' to their portal keep in the opposing frontier. Thus, a Midgard player going through Albion's exit portal will end up in Hadrian's Wall in the Midgard portal keep, while an Albion player going through Albion's exit will end up near the dungeon entrance portal in Camelot Hills.

Darkness Falls has many sub-bosses in addition to Legion, the main boss of the dungeon. Each boss encounter has an exit portal nearby that takes each realm to their home zone.

When you are in Darkness Falls and another Realm takes control of the portals, you can stay in the underworld until you exit (via a portal) or /release on death. This means that while adventuring in Darkness Falls, please be aware that you will probably run into members of opposing Realms. RvR combat is fully supported in the underworld, so beware. When portal control changes from one Realm to another, those members of the original Realm that had control are still able to adventure throughout Darkness Falls, so long as they don't release on death. As long as they are resurrected on death by a friendly healer-type that is with them, they can stay in Darkness Falls for as long as they want.

Darkness falls suits players of all levels, and at level 50 the higher level encounters award large amounts of bounty points.

For many years now since the death of Arthur, the remnants of his realm have been locked in a bitter stalemate. The realms of Midgard, Hibernia, and Albion have fought one another with little result, one realm holding sway for a time, only to be thrown back to their own shores.

Always the wise men and women of each realm have searched for a secret power that could help tip the scales and give them the strength to triumph once and for all.

In each realm the same thing happened. No one knows what triggered it, but the leaders and selected people of each realm received a vision of a strange and amazing land. The leaders gathered to discuss the visions they had seen. At first, there was skepticism as to the authenticity of the visions. Each realm organized expeditions of scholars and explorers to follow the instructions set out in the visions, and searched for the lost realm. Far into the frightful seas that encircled the known world, they discovered the remnants of a once-great land. Only a few scattered islands, dotted with ruins of magnificent architecture, remained. Each realm stumbled upon a different island in this vast, watery ruin and began to work to unlock the secrets of Atlantis. They discovered the Halls of Heroes, magical portals that allowed access to the Planes of Trial, and began to send through parties to investigate.

Soon word spread through each realm - that the other two had also received invitations to participate in the trials. The race was now on to see which realm would be the first to gain the knowledge and power of Atlantis.

The Trials of Atlantis expansion added another world for adventures to explore, bringing scores of ancient mythology to life! Travel the worlds with your friends to complete Master levels and gain special artifacts to aid you in battle!

Master Levels can be started by talking with the Arbiter in the Hall of Heroes, and artifacts obtain through the many encounters throughout the lands of Atlantis. Alternatively, you can purchase Master Levels and Artifacts through bounty points, or our MTX store (ML's only)!


The Ghost King Uther, the Siabra Queen Cliodna, and the Jotun Ymir await only the bravest souls that dare venture into the Otherworlds...

Gather your friends and enter the ghostly realms to help put an end to these scourges by completing 10 chapters to gain item rewards, new crafting components, and Legendary Weapons!

To begin the OW campaign, visit the following NPCs once you’ve reached level 50:
  • Albion: Chamberlain Harlen in the Throne Room
  • Midgard: Athr Hasetti Theyr in the Throne Room
  • Hibernia: Seneschal Desmond in the Throne Room



The Catacombs are no longer safe for adventurers! A strange and dark force has emerged in the far lands of Dartmoor, Sheeroe Hills, and Malmohus. Spreading evil deep into the land and corrupting those loyal to the realm. The dragons....more dangerous than ever...

To begin the Curse campaign, visit the following NPCs once you've reached level 50:
  • Albion: Commander Selan by the north gate in Camelot
  • Hibernia: Salle by the entrance to The Veil in Tir na Nog
  • Midgard: Roshak in the main hall of Jordheim