5v5 Tournament Fixture Announcement

Posted by Community | 2015 Aug 28 07:36 -0400 GMT
Registration for the 5v5 Tournament is now closed and the fixture list available here on the tournament site! If you have a team but it does not appear on the fixture list, please contact Obelisk asap via IRC or Postcount.

We would ask those participating to please arrive on time and ready to go around the porter in Camelot at 1PM EST (7PM CET).

Due to the amount of teams registered, we’ve decided to go with four groups of 3 teams. With this tournament layout, the top two teams of each group will advance to the knockout stage. The teams in the last place of each group will be eliminated. A team that comes in 1st place in their group will play a team that came in 2nd place in another group in the first round of the knockout stage. Due to the fact we have 11 teams, one group will only have two teams. In this case, both teams will advance. The group stage for them will determine who comes 1st and 2nd in the group.

Full details of the groups and fixtures can be found on the postcount forums here. The tournament will be streamed in full on our official Twitch channel!