5v5 Winners and Post Event Round Up!

Posted by Community | 2015 Aug 31 09:52 -0400 GMT
After a long day of great fights, banter, commentary and fun, one team was crowned victors of the first DAoC 5v5 Tournament! Congratulations to the winning team: FreeToPlayPlease!!!

Very well fought throughout the tournament!

First place:  FreeToPlayPlease, who each won a Weapon skin change, Look-a-Like NPC, and 3 month DAoC game timecode, included players:

  • Hend (Spiritmaster & Team Captain)
  • Prollibel (Bard)
  • Frugall (Bonedancer)
  • Iiaalx (Theurgist)
  • Salidriks (Healer)
  • Gwelzz (Alternate)

Second place:  Carry Nordic, who each won a 3 month DAoC game timecode and was made up of players:

  • Tragmich (Valkyrie and Team Captain)
  • Allesklar (Healer)
  • Rmssssssssss (Sorceress)
  • Strangecon (Minstrel)
  • Asii (Bonedancer)
  • Evix (Alternate)
Third place:  Pizza Party, who each won a 1 month DAoC game timecode and was made up of players:

  • Kujii (Warden and Team Captain)
  • Mahogany (Mauler)
  • Pyth (Valkyrie)
  • Riskymilk (Bard)
  • Haxchap (Armsman)
  • Mofangz (Alternate)

All videos from the stream on our official Twitch channel are now available on our official Youtube channel here

Special thanks to the Knight-organizers Obelisk and Kujii, excellent commentators J0el and Spaghetti Johnson, everyone who tuned in to watch the event live on Twitch, and the participants themselves for giving us such an entertaining tournament!

We were overjoyed by how successful it was and look forward to hosting more events like it in the months to come!