Account & Character Recovery

Recover your account, locate your characters and come back to Camelot! If you've been away from the realms since May 18th, 2008 you’ll need to link your game account to an EA account first.

All of your characters are still around and can be found on the Account Center. If you are having trouble locating them in-game, check the archived servers as they made need to be
transferred first.

Endless Conquest

Accounts that have been inactive for 120+ days and remain in good-standing are eligible to play Dark Age of Camelot for free!

Achieve max character rank and more. There’s never been a better time or an easier way to come back to Camelot!

Returning Player Rewards

Level 50 returning characters who have been away for 6+ months, 2+ years, or 5+ years will be offered a ‘King’s Treasury’ quest upon login. This quest rewards you with bonuses and items to quickly get you back into the battle!

All level 50 characters may also visit their king to freely receive the updated King’s Champion armor and Exemplar weapons and accessories.

Realm Vs. Realm

Return to the Frontiers of Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia and take part in the new Ellan Vannin zone! Invade enemy lands to lay siege to keeps and towers. Defend your homeland in thrilling open-field battles or roam freely in small groups to prove your mettle against a variety of foes.

Take part in
Dark Age of Camelot’s award-winning RvR™ for honor, for glory, and for the realm!


Earn bounty points in RvR and PvE and use them with the new Bountycrafting tradeskill to craft high-end gear.

Champion of Darkness Falls

Take the journey to Champion Level 15! New titles and glory await you in the famous RvR dungeon.

Re-discover Darkness Falls and take part in updated encounters to earn bounty points and your Champion Level 15 weapon!


Find and Update your Gear

Get caught-up on the latest armor and weapon information for your favorite classes! Use the new Item Search Tool to find the best items for your template, and be sure to review our Templating Overview guide for notes and suggestions for your favorite archetype and play-style!

Artifacts and Master Levels

The Trials of Atlantis is more streamlined than ever. Master Levels no longer require ML experience and can be bought, along with Artifacts for bounty points!

Visit Destin in Oceanus Haven to begin the new Bounty quests for bounty points or conquer the actual Artifact encounters to receive an already-level 10 version! Similarly, Master Level trials can all be completed with a group or less if you’d prefer to save on the bounty points.

New Campaigns

Explore mysterious and perilous new zones and dungeons.

Otherworlds Campaign pits the realms against the ghost of King Uther, Ymir the Jotun, and Queen Cliodna of the Unseelie Court. Collect otherworldly essences and recover valuable ores to craft powerful new potions, updated legendary weapons and earn the Otherworldly accessories.

Dragon’s Curse Campaign introduces the Undead, Drakulv, and Dark Elves in their battle against new and old, familiar foes! Venture into the new dungeons of Childe’s Tomb, Drakulvhamn, and The Veil to earn bounty points and powerful new Curse weapons and armor.

Mount Speed

Travel faster through the Frontiers on your mount!

Level 50 players can now move at maximum realm-speed when their mount is equipped with craftable saddles or horse armor!

Mithril Shop

Our premium currency Mithril can be purchased and spent on several bonuses, account services, and cosmetic upgrades. For a small fee, our patterning system will even let you customize the look of your character’s gear!

Find the Mithril Shops outside the throne room area in each realm’s capital city.