Bounty points in Dark Age of Camelot are a special currency earned through both RvR and PvE. This currency can be used to purchase items from crafting components to armor, master and champion levels.

The easiest, and most enjoyable, way to earn them is simply by getting kills in RvR. Whenever you kill someone, either by yourself or with your group, you are awarded bounty points for spending.  There are also a lot of quests you can complete while RvR'ing which award big bounty point rewards. 

Supplies for the Cause
This is a popular repeatable quest that involves collecting supply boxes and rubble in the frontiers. 

The King's Brew
This is a weekly quest that requires you to collect 100 kegs of ale found in random spots across the island of Ellan Vannin.

Doppelganger Invasion 
Another weekly quest that involves killing 25 doppelgangers. These you find scattered all over Ellan Vannin and the frontiers, as well as killing one of the "doppelganger lords": Queen Kula, Apocalypse, or Olcasgean.

Shipwreck Salvage
Gather driftwood located on each realm's coast or Ellan Vannin docks. Note during some seasonal events this quest is replaced with a seasonal version offering higher bounty point rewards.

Roaming with Friends
Two versions of this quest, daily and weekly. Daily quest is to kill 50 enemies in open areas while in a group of any size, weekly is 500 kills. Open areas are areas that are not near a keep, tower, bridge, dock, ruined structure or inside a maze.

The Solo Road
Two versions of this quest, daily and weekly. Daily quest is to kill 5 enemies while not in a group in the frontiers with 1 kill being on EV/Maze/Ruined areas, weekly is 50 kills.

For the Realm
Kill 25 enemies in a keep that is under siege.

Those are the means to acquire bounty points in RvR. With the launch of Endless Conquest, you will also be able to earn plenty of bounty points through PvE.

Darkness Falls 
All [Darkness] quests received from Mystemas now grant a hefty bounty point reward for their completion. High Lords, Lilith, and Beliathan quests are repeatable. Prince and Chancellor quests are not repeatable.
All emerald, sapphire, diamond, and blood seals have been replaced with 1 bounty point, 10 bounty point, 100 bounty point, and 2000 bounty points, respectively.

Trials of Atlantis 
All previous glass quests in ToA have been replaced with bounty point rewards. The quest chain from Destin in Oceanus are not repeatable with the exception of Inarus' Bounty, Sudari's Bounty, and Eliana's Bounty. These quests are now only weekly-repeatable but grant a large amount of bounty points instead of just xp/coin like before.
All artifact and master level encounters now grant the equivalent bounty points to what their glass drops used to be (100, 200, 500, or 1,000).
Note: all other glass rewards or drops have been wholesale removed.

The Curse Campaign
All curse 1-10 chapter quests now award various amounts of bounty points depending on difficulty (normal/elite). Ch9-10 quests now offer a chance to get additional bounty points from ch9/10 instance encounter loot chests. Normal curse quests also grant bounty points.
All other aurulite drops removed.

The main thing that will help you get templated is bountycrafting. This will allow you to spend your bounty points on crafting materials for bountycrafting high-end, and typically hard to get or expensive items and let you get templated quicker.

You can also buy a lot of quality of life items, such as Speed of the Hunt gems, Box of Rare Potions, a mount, or even items that you might need for your template, such as Darkness Falls weapons or jewelry.

If you are not champion level 15 yet bounty points can help you with that as well! Bounty Master's Insight/Greater Insight/Champion Insight scrolls will give you CLXP when you /use them (subbed accounts only).