Templating is a key term you will want to familiarize yourself with in Dark Age of Camelot! Templating is a big part of your success in all aspects of the game, PvE, Zerg RvR, 8man, and solo! In simple terms, templating is combining items such as armor / jewelry (bracers, rings, cloaks, etc) and weapons to maximize your character's stats as well as give you abilities to use in and out of combat.

The Basics

One good way to start with building a template for yourself is find a few MUST HAVE items you want, whether it be for looks, stats or /use ability on the item. For myself when building templates I have a select few items I try to use in almost every template and build around those so I know certain slots will be the same. The next thing you're going to want to look for is high utility items. These items offer a large amount of statistics, typically with lots of resists (most important thing to maximize). A few high utility items would be things like Band of the Dream Conqueror (bracer). Its the highest utility bracer in the game and great for helping cap resists in your template. And the best part is you can get this item yourself in the solo part of the curse campaign! ( see curse campaign guidelines for details ).

Another high utility item, and also an item with great /use ability, is the Ghostly Medal of Valor (necklace).The highest utility necklace in game, this item is a seasonal item but the good news is we have bounty crafting and you can craft this item yourself with bounty points! You'll want to look for items that have statistics strictly for your class so that no utility is gone to waste. For example on a tank like Hero, Armsman, and Warrior you would want items with things like strength, con, quickness but not acuity, piety, or intelligence. You'll also want to make sure when choose armor for your template its the right armor type. Just because some leather legs have good statistics doesn't mean you should choose to use them on an armsman that wears plate, you'll want to find plate leggings to fit!

Resource wise, our official Item Search Tool will help you find items to fit in your template, including info on where they can be found.

This is my favorite part of templating as this is the stuff you'll actually see on your character. One thing to look for is class sets. This was introduced recently and provide special added abilities or functions to your class specifically. Not all of them might be worth it depending on your play style, but its a great way to give yourself an extra boost. To benefit fully from armor sets you would need to use all 3 armor pieces for your class to gain the ability. For example on Berserkers, when equipping all 3 armor pieces (Vest of Frozen Winter, Sleeves of Frozen Winter, Leggings of frozen winter) it gives the Left Axe rear style a snare function!which is great for preventing enemies from running away, where as without having these equipped that rear style would have no additional effect.

There is also high utility armor pieces that you will want to look at as well. Some examples are the Curse Campaign chapter 10 gloves. There are a few different types: Blood, Soul, Life, Dream, and Dragon. Each has a unique /use ability and stat but all of them are high utility and great for any template! Another item is the Otherworldly helms! There are a few different types of those as well: Sunburst, Eyes, Flame,  and Orbital. Again each has a unique stat but theyre high utility and great for templates. I typically have a Otherworldly helmet and Curse Glove in every template I make regardless of its for 8man, zerg, solo, etc.

Lastly you can also have crafted armor and this is where templating gets tricky! With todays game you should typically only have 1 crafted piece of armor, maximum two, and you want to try to have these in low utility, low chance to be hit slots such as boots or arms or gloves. These crafted pieces can be spell crafted with special statistics to cap any stats that still need some love. You can craft up to 4 stats on these pieces and imbue 1 armor proc. You're limited to 37.5 imbue points (see spell crafting guide) on a lvl 51 armor piece.

For jewelry you can pick 1 necklace, 1 cloak, 1 gem, 1 belt, 2 rings, 2 bracers and 1 Mythirian. These are going to be the higher utility items in your template and where you get most of your /use abilities. I already listed a few items above I use in most templates. Some things you want to try to include with these are going to be items with /use Melee resist charges, and /use Magic resists charges.

Examples for melee charge items include:
  • Otherworldly belts
  • Ring of the Cursed King
  • Ring of Arcane Strength (Albion), Tentacle Ring (Midgard), Ring of Tarka'oz (Hibernia)
Examples for magic charge items include:
  • Curative Sash of the Vigilant
  • Ring of the Cursed King
  • Slime Coated Ring (Midgard), Ring of Arcane Gestures (Albion), Ring of Azure (Hibernia)

The rest you will want to fill with high utility items to maximize your stats.

For weapons you have a choice, you can have a template set so that you're always using that specific weapon or set of weapons, or you can choose to make a template without using weapons which will allow you to swap between different ones without losing stats.


Staffs will be used by casters. One of the most popular staffs used and a great choice to choose will be your CL15 staff. It has great statistics and /uses for each class.


The type of shield you can use will be determined by class. There are Large, Medium, and small shields. These items will typically be chosen for their Proc or /use ability.


There's several types of weapons and the type you choose will be determined by your class and spec. if you're choosing to go for set weapons a good thing to go by when choosing the weapon will be the proc on them.
Several popular procs to look for are ABS debuffs, Resist Debuffs, Weapon skill buff. Again if you're overwhelmed by the amount of weapons to choose from, Cl15 weapons are always a good fallback on every class.

Class Specifics


For casters there are a few things you will want to focus on maximizing in your template.The two big ones being Dexterity, which will be used for casting speed, and Acuity, which will be used for your power pool and Magic damage. Secondary you will have con and hits to make sure you can withstand some damage. After main statistics you have what are labeled as ToA bonuses. For casters the main ones you will want to focus on maximizing are casting speed, magic damage, and resist pierce (10% is the cap on these). Secondary you have Spell range, spell duration, arcane siphon, and power pool.

And with any class or playstyle resists will be the most important to cap (26%), the higher the resists, the less dmg you take from that specific type of damage.


For healers it will be very similar to casters as you will want to maximize Dexterity and Acuity with secondary being Constitution and hit points. For your ToA abilities your main focus will want to be casting speed, heal bonus (25% cap ), and power pool. Secondary you will want spell range, spell duration, arcane siphon. And again making sure to maximize your resists!


For tanks you will want to focus several statistics such as Strength, Constitution, Quickness and hit points, secondary would be Dexterity depending on class (shield classes). The main ToA to focus are melee and style dmg, and weapon speed. Secondary would be mythical DPS, heal bonus. And on tanks more than anything maximize resists as you will be the one doing most of the damage taking in most scenarios.


For archers you will want to mainly focus on Dexterity as it will be the key factor in your bow speed. Secondaries will be Constitution, Strength, and Quickness. For toas you will be similar to casters in wanting to cap casting speed, spell damage, resist pierce and these will maximize your bow damage. Secondary will be melee dmg, style dmg, and melee combat speed. And of course, maximize your resists!


For assassins you will want to focus on your damage, so you'll want to focus Strength and Constitution (additionally Dexterity if you spec in pierce or thrust). Secondary being Quickness and hits. For your ToA bonuses, you will be much like tanks and want to focus on melee dmg, style dmg and melee weapon speed as well as mythical DPS. Oh, and resists of course!

Below is an example of a template I run on my Vampiir so you can get an idea of how it works and what it looks like. Templating benefits your class so pick your items, and get to work! :)

Strength: 107/108
Constitution: 97/101
Dexterity: 101/94
Quickness: 52/75
Intelligence: 0/75
Piety: 0/75
Charisma: 0/75
Empathy: 0/75
Hits: 455/400
Power: 0/25

Body: 25/26
Cold: 30/26
Heat: 23/26
Energy: 31/26+5
Matter: 27/26
Spirit: 29/26
Crush: 27/26+5
Thrust: 26/26
Slash: 26/26

Piercing: 8/11

Cap Increase
Strength: 22/26
Constitution: 26/26
Dexterity: 8/26
Hits: 430/200

Mythical Cap Increase
Strength: 33/52
Constitution: 26/52
Dexterity: 19/52

TOA Bonus
Armour Factor: 45/50
Healing Effectiveness: 25/25
Spell Duration: 27/25
Casting Speed: 11/10
Spell Damage: 12/10
Archery Damage: 12/10
Archery Speed: 11/10
Style Damage: 6/10
Melee Damage: 8/10
Melee Combat Speed: 10/10
Resist Pierce: 13/10

Chest (freezing death vest):
Imbue: 18.5
Thrust: 1%
Slash: 1%
Crush: 1%
Hits: 70
Constitution: 22
Dexterity: 22
Constitution (Cap Increase): 5
Style Damage: 4
Melee Damage: 4
Hits (Cap Increase): 70
Utility: 52.8
TOA Utility: 67.5
PvE Utility: 0.0

Arms (eternal armguards):
Imbue: 7.0
Hits: 30
Constitution: 25
Resist Pierce: 5
Spell Damage: 2
Melee Combat Speed: 2
Casting Speed: 2
Hits (Cap Increase): 20
Constitution (Cap Increase): 7
Utility: 24.2
TOA Utility: 74.0
PvE Utility: 0.0

Head (otherworldly flame):
Imbue: 20.0
Matter: 6%
Heat: 6%
Cold: 6%
Strength (Cap Increase): 6
Constitution: 15
Strength: 15
Melee Damage: 2
Melee Combat Speed: 4
Spell Damage: 2
Spell Duration: 10
Utility: 56.0
TOA Utility: 72.0
PvE Utility: 0.0

Legs (eternal legguards):
Imbue: 4870533.5
Cold: 3%
Spirit: 3%
Body: 3%
Hits: 30
Strength: 30
Resist Pierce: 3
Spell Damage: 2
Spell Duration: 2
Strength (Cap Increase): 5
Utility: 45.5
TOA Utility: 39.0
PvE Utility: 0.0

Hands (Cursed Life gloves):
Imbue: 32.0
Constitution: 25
Hits: 50
Energy: 5%
Heat: 5%
Body: 5%
Slash: 5%
Thrust: 5%
Hits (Cap Increase): 50
Constitution (Cap Increase): 10
Healing Effectiveness: 12
Utility: 79.2
TOA Utility: 56.5
PvE Utility: 0.0

Feet (Crafted):
Imbue: 35.0/32 (Quality: 99)
Dexterity: 26
Quickness: 26
Cold: 9%
Thrust: 5%
Armour Factor: 15
Utility: 62.7
TOA Utility: 15.0
PvE Utility: 0.0

Left Hand (Crafted small shield):
Imbue: 37.0/32 (Quality: 99)
Quickness: 26
Strength: 20
Slash: 5%
Crush: 11%
Dexterity: 15
Utility: 72.7
TOA Utility: 0.0
PvE Utility: 0.0

Neck (ghostly medal of honor):
Imbue: 61.0
Hits: 100
Cold: 7%
Heat: 7%
Matter: 7%
Body: 7%
Energy: 7%
Spirit: 7%
Hits (Cap Increase): 75
Armour Factor: 25
Utility: 109.0
TOA Utility: 43.8
PvE Utility: 0.0

Cloak (vamp class cloak):
Imbue: 0.0
Strength (Mythical Cap Increase): 6
Dexterity (Mythical Cap Increase): 6
DPS: 2
Spell Damage: 2
Melee Damage: 2
Casting Speed: 4
Utility: 0.0
TOA Utility: 64.0
PvE Utility: 0.0

Jewel (gem of harbinger):
Imbue: 38.0
Hits: 50
Energy: 9%
Spirit: 9%
Matter: 9%
Spell Damage: 4
Melee Combat Speed: 4
Hits (Cap Increase): 50
Resist Pierce: 5
Utility: 66.5
TOA Utility: 77.5
PvE Utility: 0.0

Belt (adebt belt of the vigil):
Imbue: 22.0
Slash: 5%
Crush: 5%
Thrust: 5%
Strength: 21
Dexterity: 18
Hits: 40
Hits (Cap Increase): 40
Strength (Cap Increase): 5
Dexterity (Cap Increase): 4
Casting Speed: 5
Utility: 66.0
TOA Utility: 53.0
PvE Utility: 0.0

Left Ring (Random Drop):
Imbue: 0.0
Dexterity: 10
Acuity: 13
Spell Duration: 15
Healing Effectiveness: 13
Utility: 15.3
TOA Utility: 56.0
PvE Utility: 0.0

Right Ring (otherworldly agile ring):
Imbue: 33.0
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 10
ALL melee weapon skills: 4
Hits: 50
Hits (Cap Increase): 50
Body: 5%
Energy: 5%
Spirit: 5%
Constitution (Cap Increase): 4
Dexterity (Cap Increase): 4
Utility: 75.8
TOA Utility: 28.5
PvE Utility: 0.0

Left Wrist (Bracer of Fomor):
Imbue: 28.0
ALL melee weapon skills: 4
Strength: 21
Hits: 35
Slash: 4%
Crush: 4%
Thrust: 4%
Strength (Cap Increase): 6
Hits (Cap Increase): 35
Armour Factor: 5
Style Damage: 2
Utility: 66.8
TOA Utility: 35.8
PvE Utility: 0.0

Right Wrist (band of dream conquerer):
Imbue: 44.0
Crush: 6%
Spirit: 5%
Thrust: 6%
Slash: 6%
Heat: 5%
Energy: 5%
Matter: 5%
Cold: 5%
Body: 5%
Hits (Cap Increase): 40
Utility: 96.0
TOA Utility: 10.0