Friday Grab Bag - 08/14/2020

Posted by Community | 2020 Aug 14 11:58 -0400 GMT
The Grab Bag is here with your questions and our answers!

Hope you're all planning on hopping over to Pendragon to check out and try our latest changes in the Patch 1.127b update! :)

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

On to the questions! 

How long will there be between when the patch goes live and houses being repossessed?

Here’s a full breakdown of how house repossession will work when 1.127 goes live:

  1. Any houses that are currently showing as condemned and with a repossession timer on live now, but have active accounts will have their repossession timers cleared on 1.127’s launch.
  2. Accounts that have been inactive for >90 days at the time of 1.127’s launch will have any houses set to a 3-day repossession timer. This will give those accounts some time to reactivate if they so choose and ensure that nothing is immediately repossessed by mistake.
  3. Accounts that have been inactive for 30-90 days at the time of the launch will have any houses set to a 59-day repossession timer.
  4. Accounts that have been inactive for less than 30 days at the time of the launch will not have a repossession timer set. When those accounts hit the 30-day inactivity mark their houses will be set to the normal 59-day timer.
  5. After 1.127’s launch, any newly inactive account will have no action taken for 30 days. At 30 days of account inactivity, the account’s house(s) will be set to the 59-day repossession timer (for a total of 90 days of account inactivity before repossession).

Recent tests have shown that equipping the Freezing Winter mythirian increases melee resistances past the cap. In a June 2017 Grab Bag, you mentioned that mythical physical defense does not allow resistances to go past cap. Is this a bug?

Yes, it looks like a display bug on the client where it shows the resists not going above the cap. The Myth: Physical Defense stat does indeed work above the traditional resist caps. Because this is on so few items and the bonuses are relatively small, this is likely to stay as is.

After a fight has happened at a tower or keep I have noticed a couple things but I wanted to be sure. 1) EV towers keeps seem to give a bigger bonus than those in the frontiers. 2) The longer it takes for people to move storms out or they just stand in the damaging storms to delay the bonus for the enemy it also hurts their bonus too. Is any of this true or just a bad coincidences ?

You have a good eye! Towers on Ellan Vannin are defined as “keeps” in the outpost system since they allow teleportation. And the outpost contribution system treats keeps and towers differently, per the 1.121 patch notes:

  • 50% of RPs earned through kills/rezzes at a keep will be added to a player’s individual contribution pool
  • 20% of RPs earned through kills/rezzes at a tower will be added to a player’s individual contribution pool

There is no penalty for delaying the contribution rewards. The only requirement is that participating players be within 8,000 in-game units of the outpost to receive their reward when the successful defense or capture occurs.

Most cursed 3 piece sets give a composite 5% to one stat or another, for example the cabalist set provides 3% spell pierce off of one item, and 2% off another, this goes for all classes that I know of with one exception, the minstrel, who (like many other classes get conversion and spell pierce) however his bonuses only add up to 4% rather than 5%. I’m curious as to why this is. It is a minimal difference, but it is a factor in template building. Thank you in advance

Yes, these bonuses of either resist piercing OR conversion should add up to 5% on all class curse sets. The Minstrel’s set is being adjusted in 1.127!

With the change in Stormlord adding a stun feedback storm, does this storm affect Static Tempest also?

No, Static Tempest and other Realm Ability-based stuns like the Theurgist’s Realm Rank 5 ability Minion Rescue have been changed to bypass all stun feedback spells. This change includes stun feedbacks from the new Dazzling Array storm as well as those from item /uses.

Have a great weekend! :)
See you in the frontiers, and Pendragon!