5v5 Tournament Registration Closed

Posted by Community | 2017 Aug 23 16:49 -0400 GMT

Registration for this year's 5v5 Tournament is now closed! The excitement is immense :)

We would ask those participating to please arrive on time and be ready to go (make your guilds beforehand!) around the porter's area in Camelot at 1PM EST (6PM GMT/7PM CET).

In addition to the awesome fights we have to look forward to, we will also be giving away some spot prizes during the event! Shileah will be running contests for patterns and 1 month DAoC Timecodes for those joining the fun in Twitch chat, and our very chatty commentators will be awarding patterns to players for the following categories:

  • Best Dressed through the use of patterns (free Mithril is available on all characters on Pendragon)
  • Tournament MVP
  • MVP outside of the top 3 teams (finalists, semi-finalists, and 3rd placed teams)
  • Groups Stage MVP (per group category, not team)
  • Most Memorable Play

Please note: Pendragon is down tomorrow for a patch (details here), but will be set as FFA ruleset when it returns, please wait until Pendragon is back online to copy over any toons from live. So get ready to make your guilds, copy your toons, and work your fashion magic for Saturday! #5v5hype

Full tournament details can be found here. The tournament will be streamed in full on our official Twitch channel, and groups randomised Friday evening. If you have a team but it does not appear on the fixture list, please contact Beibhinn asap via Discord or Postcount.

Excited for what Saturday brings!! See you there :)