Following on from two very successful and enjoyable tournaments, we are pleased to announce the return of the Knights of the Roundtable ran DAoC 5v5 tournament for a 3rd year! Gather your friends and team mates and prepare to face off against your friends, and enemies, in this spectacular event!

The 5v5 tournament will be held on Saturday, August 26th, 2017 on the Pendragon server at 1 PM EST (12PM CST, 10AM PST, 7PM CET). While we do plan to complete the whole event on the day, depending on how many teams sign up we may hold the group stages on this date, with the elimination and final rounds to be held on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 at 1 PM EST (12PM CST, 10AM PST, 7PM CET). Bookmark the tournament page below to keep updated on all the details!

Please note: The below rules and information are subject to change, but will be locked in once registration opens at a later date.


Registration will open on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017.

Team Info

• Group sizes will be 5 only. There are no additional sub/bench players.
Setups cannot be changed during the tournament, so whatever setup you use during the first match will be the setup used through the rest of the tournament. This will prevent people from countering their opponent’s setup every match. The setup will not be able to be changed even if the backup player must be used later in the tournament, so make sure your backup player will be able to fill in on the required class.
• We will be using the ‘Mordred Ruleset’. This will allow you to use classes from all 3 realms in your group setup. 

Character Migration

• Characters can be copied to Pendragon from Ywain and Gaheris using the /charcopy command (guide here). You must bring your own template or create a template yourself once on Pendragon.
• There will be a special 5v5 Tournament Tester NPC that will allow you to become Rank 11, so make sure to visit him once you have copied your character to Pendragon. 

General Tournament Info

• Fight locations will take place in various locations in the frontiers and realms. There will be personnel available to port participants to fight locations.
• NPC Buff Bots will be provided and located at the ‘starting area’ of each fight location. These buffs are the same uncapped buffs you get from Buffing NPCs on Ywain and Gaheris.
• A variety of pets and pet levels will be available at the ‘starting area’ of each fight location.
‘Mordred Ruleset’ – This allows for tons of group setup variety.
• Everyone will be Rank 11 to make things as fair as possible when it comes to Realm Rank.

  • Copying over Realm Rank 11+ characters is allowed, but they will be forced to visit an NPC that will reduce their Realm Rank down to 11L0 before participating in the tournament. Anyone found to have a higher rank character at the start of their fight will disqualify their team.


Supremacy potions and Comprehension potions will be allowed. 
• Out of group buff bots are restricted.  NPC Buff bots will be provided that will give uncapped buffs (similar to NPC buffers on Ywain/Gaheris).
• Gaheris only items are allowed, but their /use abilities are prohibited.  Most should already be usable on Gaheris only.
• There will be no restriction on classes or group setups, so bring any combination of classes you want!
• Players can only play for 1 team.  Any player caught playing for two different teams will have both teams disqualified.
• It should go without saying, but anyone caught cheating during the tournament will not only be punished according to the Terms of Service, but will have their whole team disqualified.

Tournament Setup

• The tournament will be broken into two stages – Group/Pool stage and Elimination Stage (Very similar to how the World Cup is organized.)
• Group/Pool size will be 4 or 5, depending on how many people sign up.
• Top two teams in each group will advance to the next round.  Team rankings within groups are determined by number of wins. 
• If two teams are tied, then head to head results will be considered.  Whoever won the head to head between the two teams will advance.
• If three teams are tied and head to head results will not determine a winner, we will have to have a series of tie breaker matches between the three teams.
• Once in the Elimination Stage of the tournament, we will use single best of 1 matches to determine who advances.  Once we get to the semi-final matches, we will start doing best of 3 matches. 
• There will be a 3rd place match to determine who the 3rd place rewards will go to.
• Depending on number of groups that sign up, the tournament may run into a second date scheduled for September 2nd, 2017, at 1 PM EST (12PM CST, 10AM PST, 7PM CET)
• See example image below...

Tournament Timeline

• Registration is NOT OPEN!
• We will have a time line for the first round of matches posted before the day of the tournament.  In order to keep things moving, we are requiring groups to be set up and ready to fight within 10 minutes of their scheduled fight. 
• As the tournament progresses throughout the day and new matches are announced, teams will still only have 10 minutes to be ready to fight from their scheduled match time. 
• If a team is not ready to go by the 10 minute grace period, they will forfeit that fight.
• There will be officiators that are assigned groups in order to keep track of the Group/Pool Stage and help with setting up group play matches. 
• Once we get done with the Group/Pool Stage, there will be a short break before we start the Elimination Stage, depending on # of teams. If we have a large number of teams, the tournament may extend to a second date.


To be decided

Pendragon will be changed to Mordred Ruleset one week before the tournament date, to allow players to setup characters, explore the map areas, and more.


Contact Info
Any questions you have can be asked on the DAoC board,  or on the DAoC Discord server, #5v5event channel.