Battle Herald: Stealth Wars

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 May 02 07:11 -0400 GMT
This weekend our Battle Herald put on dark clothes and sneaky boots, because he wanted to witness the secret battle between the stealthers of the realms. Expecting to be able to watch them in their natural habitat, the Battle Herald patrolled the bridges around Dun Crauchon for a while but was surprised to find those places surprisingly empty. He then decided to travel to Hadrian’s Wall to search for stealther around the massive fights going on in that area.

Battle Herald: News From The Frontlines III

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Apr 25 09:41 -0400 GMT
As King Erik has threatened, Midgard was back this weekend to have its revenge. After the Cauldron of Dagda – already pilfered by Albion – was stolen again and brought to Midgard on Saturday, Kaptkent led a Midgard raid through the Frontier on Sunday and managed to invade both relic temples in Albion.

Battle Herald: News from the European Front

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Apr 19 09:55 -0400 GMT
Yesterday evening the Battle Herald visited Emain Macha and was almost trampled down by an army of invaders from Midgard. After dusting himself off he followed the action which culminated in a large-scale attack on Dun Crauchon.

Battle Herald: News From The Frontlines II

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Apr 18 08:29 -0400 GMT
Again Albion’s frontiers were devastated by marauding hordes from Midgard and Hibernia. Hibernia established a beachhead around Caer Berkstead while Midgard temporarily dominated the west of the frontiers. Albion managed to hold onto Midgard’s strength relic but lost theirs to Midgard when the gate of Castle Excalibur was broken open Sunday afternoon and Enoch carried it away.

Battle Herald: News From The Frontlines I

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Apr 11 09:21 -0400 GMT
The DAoC Battle Herald took to the field to report on the weekends events. Major forces of all realms continuously roamed the Isle of Agramon in search of the Harbinger of Spring, while other battlegroups from Hibernia and Midgard took the chance to invade Albion and raid several keeps.