Battle Herald: News from the European Front

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Apr 19 09:55 -0400 GMT
Yesterday evening the Battle Herald visited Emain Macha and was almost trampled down by an army of invaders from Midgard. After dusting himself off he followed the action which culminated in a large-scale attack on Dun Crauchon.

A huge mix of all races in Midgard fought united under the lead of a Kobold female named Annamarie. The defenders from Hibernia – willing to defend their relics – gathered in Dun Crauchon around Malouni and prepared for the inevitable onrush. A smaller detachment from Albion commanded by the Cleric Gaby temporally joined the scene but was soon crushed between the lines.

Dawn fell when the fighters from Midgard finally readied their siege weapons to break the keep wall and conquer the courtyard. Hibernia’s forces retreated into the central tower and were able to protect Chieftain Crauchon for quite some time before they were finally overwhelmed by a massive rush into the room.

What will the next confrontation bring? Will Midgard continue its rampage? Will King Erik ever trim his whiskers?!