Live Server Downtime on Tuesday, November 28th

Posted by Community | 2023 Nov 27 16:21 -0500 GMT
** UPDATE 11:10AM EDT / 17:10 CET  - Live servers are back online and open to players. Thank you for your patience during this downtime!

All live servers will be coming down Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 at 05:45AM EDT / 11:45AM CET for a patch which adds support for PvP-enabled zones. 

Downtime is expected to be approximately 8 hours. We will provide an update to this post when live servers are back online.

Thank you!

Mordred's Revenge - Betrayal in Caledonia

Posted by Community | 2023 Nov 18 18:11 -0500 GMT

Friends and realm mates,

We are excited to reveal that the recently announced Catch-Up in Caledonia event will be Player vs. Player!

The spirit of Mordred has returned and has cursed the Battleground at Caledonia. This evil has infected the hearts and souls of all who enter, destroying their ability to distinguish friend from foe. Caledonia’s PvP mode will allow players to take up arms against their realm-mates and ally with members of enemy realms. Click 'More' below for details!

Harvest Celebrations Event

Posted by Community | 2023 Nov 17 11:35 -0500 GMT
It's that time of season when the leaves have changed color and are steadily falling, when the wind arrives with a chill and the scent of chimney smoke, and the bounty of the year's harvest is ready to be served and celebrated!

Harvest Quest

  • The realms are humming with anticipation for their upcoming feasts and local festivals!
    • Help the realms' Festival Steward recover a lost shipment of food!
      • The repeatable RvR quest '[Harvest] Lost Turkey' is now available at each realm's strength relic town at the Festival Steward NPC!
        • Earn bounty & realm points for your efforts!
  • The Harvest Event will run until Tuesday, November 28th, 2023.

Farmer's Market Festival

  • The Farmer's Market Festival makes its return to the following locations:
    • Albion: Ludlow
    • Midgard: Vasudheim
    • Hibernia: Ardee
  • Visit the Festival Matron and go bobbing for apples to earn some house trophies!
  • Let Captain Mack in Albion, Captain Marks in Midgard, or Captain Geddes in Hibernia regale you with their tales of a shark THIS big on the high seas.
  • The Farmer's Market Festival will run until Tuesday, November 28th, 2023.

New Mythirians

A new way of leveling the new Mythirians introduced with the latest Crossroad Covenants event has been added. Players can complete either of the following quests then hand the Mythirian to Gwynn at the relic towns to fully level the Mythirians:

  • Supplies for the Cause - 10 times, or
  • [Weekly] The Heart Still Bleeds - once
Please note! Starting these quest choices will overwrite any current level progress on the Mythirians. These quest counts will need to be completed in full, regardless of current Mythirian level. For example: if your Mythirian is currently level 7, you will still need to do all 10 Supplies for the Cause quests, or the [Weekly] The Heart Still Bleeds quest once.

We are currently still investigating the issue with Crossroads event wings not being vaultable.

Crossroads Covenant Comes to a Close

Posted by Community | 2023 Nov 07 19:56 -0500 GMT
Crossroads Covenant has concluded! We sincerely hope you enjoyed the event's multiple phases, including a trip to Old Frontiers' Odin's Gate!

Players who have completed all 3 Phases and have a level 10 Mythirian can speak to Gwynn at their relic town to complete a turn in quest for the final Mythirians (stats can be found here):

  • [Coming Home] Ascension - Vigilant path
  • [Enemy Territory] Ascension - Demonic path
    • Note: if Gwynn doesn't speak to you, un-equip the myth and re-equip it

Players with a Phase 2 level 10 or unleveled Mythirian will need to level the Mythirian stages in order to unlock the final version.

Additional Rewards:

Those who have completed all 3 phases of the event can also obtain the below quests from Gwynn and receive their new cosmetic mask reward and a Battlefield RP Potion. The Demonic Mantle and the Visage of the Vigilant Patterns may be applied to any helm to give them the appearance of these masks. Understanding that helms often change, Gwynn soon intends to start offering a replacement pattern provided you were eligible for the original reward. 

Players of the Demonic Order may obtain these rewards via the quest: "A Bargain Fulfilled"

Players loyal to the Order of Vigilance may obtain these rewards via the quest: "Virtue Signaling"

Note: Ruined Keeps will remain until Harvest event.

Coming Up:

Coming later in November we'll have the Harvest event!

December 4th sees the return of the Catch Up in Caledonia event, our 10th such event! Followed by our Midwinter event, including Midwinter Gifts, later in December. And maybe a couple of surprises between now and the end of the year ;)

Stay tuned!

Save the Date - 10th Catch Up in Caledonia Event

Posted by Community | 2023 Nov 07 07:08 -0500 GMT
Clear your schedules as our 10th Caledonia event is coming up!

Catch Up in Caledonia event will return on Monday, December 4th at 3PM EST / 9PM CET, and run until Monday, December 11th at 3PM EST / 9PM CET!

Halloween Returns to the Realms!

Posted by Community | 2023 Oct 27 18:48 -0400 GMT

The Haunted cities, candy and costumes, pumpkin patches in the Frontiers, and the return of the Mournful King instance await you!

Festivities begin today, October 27th and will conclude on Monday, November 6th.


22nd Anniversary Gifts

Posted by Community | 2023 Oct 25 16:57 -0400 GMT
Level 50 characters on Veteran accounts can now visit the King in their capital city’s Throne Room to receive their Anniversary Gift - a thank you to our players to mark 22 years of Dark Age of Camelot! The Anniversary Gift contains many surprises to suit the variety of players that make DAoC so special. 

Some notes and reminders:

  • *You will need 4 free inventory spaces – so please ensure that you have the available inventory slots prior to picking up your Anniversary Gift! *
  • A note about MTX Respecs: Please remember that accounts can only have one active at a time. If you should be awarded this item, it is recommended that you use it prior to obtaining the Anniversary Gift on other characters.
  • Some items from last year have been replaced with the recently added potions.
  • Albion note: the King's Royal guard has been moved closer to the main Camelot teleporter in order to facilitate easier port in to the Throne Room.
  • Anniversary Gifts will be available until November 1st.

Additionally, due to an issue with the Darkness Falls portion of our recent event, we are including a 3 charge 100% Realm Point Bonus potion. 

Crossroads Covenant - Odin's Gate

Posted by Community | 2023 Oct 24 17:47 -0400 GMT

Phase 3 of our Crossroads Covenant event starts today and takes us back to a time and place from long long ago - Old Frontiers. Slay the demonic threat or cleanse the evil as you revisit Odin's Gate!

Gwynn is offering a reward for those who completed both Darkness Falls quests. Speak with him to receive a quick turn in quest.

Continue speaking with Gwynn to obtain the quest:

  • [Coming Home] Awakened - Demonic Path - Hand your level 10 Tome to Gwynn to awaken its power
  • [Enemy Territory] Awakened - Vigilant Path - Hand your level 10 Circlet to Gwynn to awaken its power
To complete the Awakened quests, you may need to speak to your faction npc and power up your Mythirian, even if its already level 10. For players who did not participate in the Darkness Falls part of the event and have no Mythirian, Gwynn will offer you a Mythirian selection (stats can be found here). This Mythirian must be leveled to 10 (through questing), then returned to Gwynn for the updated Phase 3 version.

Phase 3 Mythirian stats can be found here. Mythirians will continue to grow in power as the event draws to a close.

Once ready, Gwynn will teleport you to to a safe place within Odin's Gate.

Quest Details

Two new quests are available in Phase 3:

Demonic Path
  • [Coming Home] House Cleaning - Stop 25 fools from ruining the demonic plans, repeatable
  • [Coming Home] Mother's Rabid Dog - Defeat Legion, repeatable
    • Note: Legion is a group encounter and has a chance to spawn at 1 of 5 random locations. A portal will appear in a specific location shortly before Legion appears.
Vigilant Order
  • [Enemy Territory] Eviction - Remove 25 demonic cultists from this plane, repeatable
  • [Enemy Territory] An Unexpected Mess - Defeat Legion, repeatable
    • Note: Legion is a group encounter and has a chance to spawn at 1 of 5 random locations. A portal will appear in a specific location shortly before Legion appears.

Navigating Phase 3

  • Players can only leave the portal areas of their realm to roam Odin's Gate through the Obelisk within the keeps. Speak to the Obelisk and click [ready] to port you and your group into the fight within Odin's Gate. Leaving the portal keep from the front doors will direct you back inside.
  • Players can bind in this location and leave at will via the Teleporters.
  • Various NPC's are available in the portal keeps including: Healer, Smith, Hastener, Vault Keeper, Recharger, and Realm Enhancements.
  • Camps of mobs are scattered throughout Odin's Gate with charmable level ranges.
  • There is no realm war (/rw) available for this zone, only /map.
  • The Glacier Giant guards the Jamtland Mountains zone entrance. Attempting to cross the zone line into Jamtland Mountains will port players a short distance back into Odin's Gate.
  • Odin's Gate has a 150% RP bonus enabled in the zone.
    • Note: Ellan Vannin's additional zone bonus has been disabled.

Happy hunting!

Crossroads Covenant -Schedule Update

Posted by Community | 2023 Oct 21 20:36 -0400 GMT
Due to zone stability issues in Darkness Falls, the second phase of the Crossroads Covenant event may now be completed on Ellan Vannin.
  • The Princes and Princess can be found on Ellan Vannin and will grant quest credit for 'Competition' and 'Extermination' quests.
  • Credit for enemy realm kills for 'When in Rome' and 'Homewrecker' RvR quests may now be obtained on Ellan Vannin.
Click 'More' for additional information!

Crossroads Covenant - Darkness Falls

Posted by Community | 2023 Oct 20 08:55 -0400 GMT
Phase Two of our Crossroads Covenant event is now live! 

Deep within the heart of the ominous abyss known as Darkness Falls, demonic forces awaken and gather strength, plotting to seize control and plunge the realms into eternal darkness. As the malevolent power rises, the valiant  Vigilant Order assembles, uniting beneath the banner of righteousness in an epic struggle against the demonic forces.

Players must first speak to Gwynn at their realm's relic towns to claim their Phase One rewards (if all 3 phase 1 quests have been completed), and begin Phase Two by accepting the quest offered:

  • Demonic Path - [Into the Breach] Foothold
  • Vigilant Path - [Paving the Way] Crusade
Players can also speak to Gwynn to give him their old Demonic or Vigilant cloak to turn in for a house vaultable version.

New Mythirians

Gwynn's quest will offer you a choice of 1 of 6 new Mythirians. These Mythirians start at level 0 and must be leveled to 10 through completing event quests in Darkness Falls.

For a list of the Phase 2 Mythirians and stats, please click here.

Note: Mythirians grow in power in Phase 3

Phase Two Quest Details

Speak to Gwynn to join the [fight] in Darkness Falls! You do not need to run to Darkness Falls to enter, Gwynn will port you.

Demonic Path
  • [Into the Breach] When in Rome - Defeat 30 enemies in Darkness Falls to feed your tome, repeatable
  • [Into the Breach] Competition - Defeat 2 Princes or Princess to feed your tome, repeatable
Vigilant Path
  • [Paving the Way] Homewrecker - Defeat 30 enemies in Darkness Falls to restore your circlet, repeatable
  • [Paving the Way] Extermination - Defeat 2 Princes or Princess to restore your circlet, repeatable
Players must speak to their path's quest giver to activate each new level earned on their Mythrian. Progress is saved as quests are repeated.

  • Reminder! Buggane and Battlefield pots (all types) will not stack with the event buff. Battlefield pots will coexist but not be active. Buggane pots will overwrite the event buff RP%. A charge will be used up if a player uses a Buggane or Battlefield pot. Mithril RP Bonus pots will stack with the event buffs.
  • Should your event buff run out while in Darkness Falls, please speak to the quest givers to refresh it.

Phase Three -  Old Frontiers Hadrian's Wall

On Monday. October 23rd, Phase Three goes live in the Old Frontiers region of Hadrian's Wall!

Details of Phase Three will follow on Monday morning!