Twelve Days of Midwinter

Posted by Community | 2023 Dec 20 20:24 -0500 GMT
The 21st of December is here, and what better way to celebrate the holiday spirit than grabbing some gifts from our Twelve Days of Midwinter gift giveaway!

On the first day of Midwinter, Broadsword gave to me...

  • Login to the game and visit the following NPCs to receive a special reward each day!
    • Albion: Santa Nicholas in Castle Sauvage
    • Midgard: Kris Kringle in Svasud Faste
    • Hibernia: Daidi na Nollag in Druim Ligen
  • Speak with the above NPCs to reveal your reward for each day.
    • Each day's reward will be revealed around 5:30 AM EST / 11:30 AM CET and last the remainder of that day.
    • In order to obtain your gifts, you must have the required number of inventory slots available for that day’s rewards.
    • In some cases, a multi-item reward will be stackable, and will require only one free inventory slot. Please refer to the list below for the days which will require more than 1 free slot:
      • Day 2 – Requires 2 free inventory slots
      • Day 4 – Requires 4 free inventory slots
      • Day 5 – Requires 5 free inventory slots
      • Day 9 – Requires 3 free inventory slots
  • If you’ve skipped one or more days, you will be simultaneously granted each previous missed day’s rewards in addition to the gifts for that day.
    • If you wait until the twelfth and last day of the giveaway to receive your gifts, you will need 22 available inventory slots, so please make sure that you have enough free space!
  • These rewards are limited to level 50s on veteran accounts, and may only be obtained once per character.
  • The Midwinter Giveaway will run from December 21st, 2023 for the next twelve days,until January 1st, 2024!
Happy Midwinter to one and all from all of us here at Broadsword!