Status of the Website

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Jul 08 12:00 -0400 GMT


Our new Dark Age of Camelot website has been live for a little over three weeks, and it’s time for its first update. We have received a lot of feedback and we are currently implementing some of your suggestions as well as fine tuning our concept. In the not so distant future (aka ‘soon ™’) you might notice changes like smaller banners, more consistent news blocks and others.

As you may have noticed, the old Herald was brought down before we were able to define and to migrate all of the content that is important to you. This change was due to site security reasons. Since then we have added some of the content that was regularly requested, like the Mount section which is in process of being re-established. We are also pleased to announce the opening of the Class Library section. This is a combination of the old Style and Spell Libraries reorganized into a more accessible format. While updating the styles, we were able to identify a display bug with the delves of several weapon styles. This bug will be fixed in 1.110, but the website has already been updated with all the correct information - it is more accurate than the game itself.
Last but not least, we have received a lot of questions about the Realmwar page; specifically the character, guild and housing search. To make them more stable and secure, we are in the process of rebuilding these pages from scratch. So please be patient with us and we will keep you updated about the process.

The website is constantly improving and we’ll continue to add new content in the weeks to come. If there is something you are still missing, please let us know via the Feedback Form.

See you in the Frontiers!