September Grab Bag - Edition 2!

Posted by Community | 2013 Sep 27 20:57 -0400 GMT
Welcome to the second installation of September's Bimonthly Friday Grab Bag!

In this Grab Bag, we cover a wide variety of topics from additional Housing Teleporters to opening up new Race/Class combinations! To view some selections from the Q and A, please click the 'More' link in this article. We encourage you to view the full PostCount Grab Bag here!

We hope you enjoy this week's questions, and remember - anyone may participate! Simply visit the Post Count Grab Bag Submission page to submit question for our next Grab Bag on October 11th!

On to the questions!

Q: Will there ever be any interest in giving incentives to boost the idea of 8v8? I understand the large scale of this game is 'zerg warfare', yet no offense to them- The elite players of this game do in fact 8v8, it is who has the better group of players to best the other group.

A:  We respect all play-styles. Certainly 8v8 combat can be some of the most strategic, rewarding, and compelling in the game. The idea of the various ‘best’ group setups comes into play heavily when we determine the direction of class balance and is also a big factor in our upcoming changes to the New Frontiers. Indeed part of our goals for those changes is to make NF a smaller and more engaging landscape for all players, including our fervent 8v8’ers. We suspect, however, that this question has more to do with incentivizing group vs. group fights in a general way.

We’ve had wish list meetings where we talked about an Arena system (2 groups enter…1 group /rofls.) but features such as this would almost certainly pull players away from the Frontiers to say nothing of the fact that it would require the dedication of nearly all of our resources for a nontrivial amount of time – so we always return to the feedback and do our best to apply the resources we have to features and changes that are requested most often by the highest number of players. That said, we’re always open to suggestions, so leave feedback, start a thread on PostCount, or get a discussion going amongst your friends and realm mates. We’re listening. 

Q: Is there a possibility of allowing celts to be eldritches and enchanters? Maybe norsemen bonedancers? I always liked human characters and this would not unbalance things since norse and celts don't have the best dex.

A:  We’re open to new race/class combinations. It’s a very straightforward process and we would all love to open up races in new and interesting ways. A discussion like this would start with our esteemed Knights, then discussed further with the remaining internal board members. Because we would want as many people as possible to weigh-in on this, we think it would be a good idea to put a poll in the field to see how the majority of players feel about the best possible new race/class combo, so keep your eye out for this in the near future!

Q: Would it be possible to get a few more filters available for the Market Explorers? A few that would be nice are:
  • Available on current server
  • Usable by current character
  • Bonus level
  • Non-crafted
  • Expanded Procs listing
A: We’ve talked about improving the Market Explorer to include much finer granularity on searches. This is on our list for upcoming changes. When the change is made, we will ask that as many players as possible test it out on Pendragon to make sure that everything is in good order. 

Q: What is the order of operations used to determine whether a combat swing hits the enemy?

A:  They’re checked in this order: target Evade, Parry and Block, then attacker Fumble and Miss.

Q: With the recent "retirement" of Mordred, are you planning something similar for Gaheris? Player base on the Co-op server isn't that high at this point. 

A: We have no current plans to retire Gaheris. We acknowledge that Gaheris has not received its due love and attention for quite some time and we can only apologize. We are currently in discussions about what we can do to revitalize our PvE server in a meaningful way. 

Sincere thanks go out to the question contributors and to our good friends at Post Count!

If you had submitted a question and it did not get featured on this installation of the Grab Bag, do not fret! We still have it and it will be in the running for the next edition. 

Until next time, friends and realm mates - we'll see you in the Frontiers!