Producer's Note

Posted by Talal Saad | 2014 May 29 16:50 -0400 GMT
Friends and realm mates,
On you will find a message from Broadsword president: Rob Denton about the recent events regarding EA Mythic. I am reaching out to you today to provide you with my personal assurance that the team here at Broadsword remains committed to our investment in Dark Age of Camelot.

(Please click the 'More' link for the full message)
Some thirteen years ago intrepid pioneers at Mythic Entertainment created the one-of-a-kind game that we call home, and Broadsword is proud to have some of those original members still preserving Dark Age of Camelot today.
I would like our community to know that the promise we made to you at the outset of our journey with Broadsword remains intact, and we look forward to providing more great content, compelling updates, and sleek improvements to Dark Age of Camelot.
Faithfully yours,
Talal Saad
Producer, Dark Age of Camelot
Broadsword Online Games