Pendragon RvR Playtest

Posted by Community | 2016 Jun 27 11:53 -0400 GMT
On Tuesday, June 28th, at 8PM EST/1AM GMT BG Leaders Luvly and Smeger will be running a playtest on Pendragon to see what the upcoming Patch 1.121 brings for zerg and group fights as the realms go head to head!

Everyone is welcome to take part, the more the merrier,  so bring your characters out and kill, kill, kill!!

To get involved: create a new character on Pendragon, or copy your existing characters from Ywain. Instructions on how to copy your characters can be found here, and it's best you do it ahead of time so you're all set up and ready to go for Tuesday night! Tester NPC's can be found in the capital cities for each realm.

As always, we'll be there to osberve, chat, and help :)

We are very grateful for the assistance of the community, and we look forward to seeing you on Pendragon tomorrow night!