Patch 1.115b Comes to Pendragon Thursday, March 6th!

Posted by Community | 2014 Mar 05 21:47 -0500 GMT


  • Your great feedback came in loud and clear! Check out the latest changes to the New Frontiers!
  • Dock locations have changed. Check out the new Agramon Docks and their fierce Dock Guards!
  • The Portal Ceremony has moved to the New Frontiers. Read on to find out where!
  • New quests have been added to the Frontiers. Try them to reap the great rewards!
  • Several bugs have been addressed. Click 'More' to find out what’s been fixed!


  • ​​New player pathways have been added from the shorelines on the outer south, east, and west Agramon that allow passage to Agramon's Decayed Lands.
  • New one-way paths have been added behind each realm's Milegate wall that take players to the center of Agramon.
    • One-way paths mean that the path can only be entered on the home realm's side of the milegates and exited near decayed lands. 
    • These paths will take players around the outside of one of their realm's milegates and end at a cul-de-sac for each realm on the ridges of Agramon.
    • These paths are not too-steep-to-climb terrain and can be freely backtracked except for at the path's 'exit' into the central area of Agramon.


  • Center Keep docks have been removed.
  • Merchant Keep docks have been moved further inland to be roughly equidistant from the new Portal Keeps and Center Keeps in each realm, and are now called Mainland Docks.
  • Mainland Docks are still capturable but no longer toggle the ability for realms to be able to boat. They are simply capturable objectives that prevent the home realm access to their dock.
  • Mainland Docks, when owned by the home realm, will take players to the beachhead of the new Ruined Keeps in either opposing realm.
  • Mainland Docks, when owned by an opposing realm, will provide quests that direct players to the Ruined Keeps and mazes in each realm.
  • 3 new Agramon Docks have been added in the following locations, with passable terrain paths added to allow access to them from inner Agramon:
    • Directly in between the Midgard and Albion milegates along the outer east wall of Agramon.
    • Directly in between the Midgard and Hibernia milegates along the outer west wall of Agramon.
    • Directly in between the Albion and Hibernia milegates along the outer south wall of Agramon.
  • These new Agramon Docks are capturable and will default to the following realm's control on server up, however they can be captured and used by any realm:
  • ​East Agramon Dock - Defaults to Hibernia Control
  • West Agramon Dock - Defaults to Albion Control
  • South Agramon Dock - Defaults to Midgard Control
  • Once captured, the new Agramon Docks spawn the familiar Dock encounter guards and become usable for the realm that captured them.
  • The Agramon docks will take players to either enemy realm's coast.


  • A portal pad and ceremony NPCs have been added to the NF-side at each Strength Relic Town.
    • This ceremony is on the same 3 minute timer.
  • The bindstones on the NF side have returned but have been moved to the Strength Relic Town instead of the Border Keeps.
  • ​Players will now release to the Strength Relic town instead of the Borderkeeps.
  • A channeler has been added to each Strength Relic Town that will teleport players to the usual locations found on channelers in the rest of the world.
  • A channeler has been added to the Power Relic Towns that will teleport players to/from the Border Keeps and the Strength Relic Town.
  • The Strength Relic Towns have been accorded the same protections as the new Portal Keeps with invulnerable guards and the inability to place siege in a large radius around them.


  • The spawn rate of the Doppelgangers has been increased.
  • Doppelgangers will now drop a realm shard 100% of the time with an added chance to drop 5 rare alchemy or siege components.
  • The Magic Orb has been removed from the realm shard loot tables.
  • New quests have been added to each Agramon Dockmaster. These new quests provide rewards for killing enemy realm players on Agramon. These quests can only be turned into an Agramon Dockmaster.
  • New quests have been added to NPCs guarding captured Mainland Docks. These quests reward players for venturing to the Ruined Keeps and Mazes in each realm.


  • Milegate main gates are now permanently open and cannot be repaired.
  • Ruined Keeps now have active climb points on the inner keep.
  • Ruined Keep posterns are now usable by all realms.
  • Ruined Keep main doors are now permanently open and cannot be repaired.
  • More charm-able mobs have been added around each of the Portal Keeps.
  • Mainland dock masters now complete specific Champion and Labyrinth quests.
  • Players who log out for longer than 10 minutes while in any outpost will be teleported to their Strength Relic Town on login.
  • The interact timer for merchant purchases has been reduced.

  • The "screenshot" and "camera toggle" keys are now changeable (this also frees up F11 and NumPad – for other uses).
  •  Tab (or other key) targeting of enemies, friends, objects and loot now has a range of 1500 units (up from 1024).

Keep an eye on the Camelot Herald for information on the Pendragon Testing Event! Join the Devs, experience the changes, and earn rewards!

We look forward to your participation and feedback, and we'll see you in the Frontiers!