Mordred/Camlann Transfer Update

Posted by Development | 2013 Apr 18 22:26 -0400 GMT

Transfers from Mordred and Camlann to Ywain have been opened to all players, regardless of level! Sub level 50 players may begin transferring their characters at this time.

Additionally, restoration functionality for the following items has been added to the Item Replacement NPCs in the Housing Entrance area for all three realms:

  • Foil Hat of Swirling Thoughts
  • Shrouded Isles Necklaces

The NPC Daamien will now provide the quest "A Trusty Steed" which will provide level 50 players with their choice of Epic Mount!

Please note that all players regardless of level will transfer with no physical items, similar to the first round of transfers. Players below level 50 will not be eligible for the Plat, Deed, Scale, or Epic Mount rewards.

For item replacment, please speak with the following NPCs in the Housing Entrance area for your realm:

  •     Tobin in Albion
  •     Knudson in Midgard
  •     Aldous in Hibernia
Bring those characters on over to Ywain, and we'll see you in the Frontiers!