Monthly Mithril Bonus to Subscribers

Posted by John Thornhill | 2020 Dec 21 09:59 -0500 GMT
A new monthly Mithril bonus has been added to all subscription packages!

  • Every subscribed account will now receive this bonus mithril currency automatically every month their subscription is applied or renews!
    • 1 month subscription package: 100 bonus mithril
    • 3 month subscription packages: 125 bonus mithril each month
    • 6+ month subscription packages: 150 bonus mithril each month
    • Bonus mithril will be automatically deposited 72 hours after a subscription is initialized or renewed.
  • Any accounts that were currently subscribed on December 18th will receive their bonus mithril for this current month and will receive it going forward on that subscription's renewal!
    • For example, a 3-month account subscription that was initiated on December 1st, 2020 will receive their 125 mithril bonus for the first month now, then will get their second month's 125 bonus mithril on January 3rd 2021 (72 hours after their renewal date) and their third month's 125 bonus mithril on February 3rd 2021.