Map Trophy Event

Posted by Community | 2022 Dec 05 19:20 -0500 GMT
The Royal Cartographer has been hard at work crafting his masterpieces, but he needs your help!
  • Visit the Royal Cartographer in your realm's strength relic town or capital city to obtain the [Daily] Map Fragments quest.
  • Assist him in gathering intel for his work and be rewarded with 5,000 realm points for each completion plus earn fragments that can be spent on your choice of valuable rewards! (max 5k per toon)
    • Earn the Ellan Vannin Map Trophy for your first quest completion and plan out your next combat tactics on it or use it to bring just the right look to your favorite room in the house!
    • Want to build a full-blown war room? We've got you covered there too, choose to unlock one, two, or all three of the realm Frontier Map trophies!
    • Or maybe some extra realm point and bounty point potions are more your speed? Need Loyalty Cloak credit? We got you!
    • Check out the Royal Cartographers full suite of choices in-game!
    • Enjoy a 25% extra realm point bonus (on top of the existing 50% bonuses currently active) in the areas of Pennine Mountains, Jamtland Mountains, and Emain Macha! 

  • The Trophy event will last until January 19th, 2023.