Live Hot Fix Notes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Nov 18 16:19 -0500 GMT
Two quick, but exciting notes for you today!

  • [Daily Quest] The Solo Road
    • Quest objectives changed as follows:
      • Earn 1 solo kills in the Ruined or Maze areas
      • Earn 5 solo kills anywhere in the Frontiers
    • This change will allow solo kills in the Ruined or Maze areas to count for both steps of the quest, so if fighting there, it will be possible to get just 5 total solo kills and complete the quest. This change should address some of the issues players were seeing with getting credit when on the 2nd step of the quest.
    • Players that already have the quest should be able to relog and the objectives will update in their journal to the new values and restrictions.
  • Crafted armors and weapons now have a recharge cost of 10g per charge.
    • This change will allow players to recharge crafted gear at Recharger NPCs. 
    • Characters currently in-game may need to zone or relog to have their already-crafted gear update properly.
    • Crafted gear can still be recharged at no-cost by Alchemists.