Live Client Update and Bonus Extension

Posted by John Thornhill | 2020 Sep 09 16:29 -0400 GMT

Client Update

  • Players should no longer be experiencing the recurring client disconnects.
  • Connection error reporting has changed.
    • Users will now see standard Windows socket error codes for any remaining disconnects other than standard link-deads.
    • If you experience consistent disconnections in the future, and you've already checked your local PC, network and Internet connection, please notify us in the Bug-Reports channel of our official Discord and include the full error text shown, including any error numbers.
If players are currently in-game they should logout to re-run the patcher to receive these fixes.

Labor Day Weekend Bonuses

Bonuses have been extended until Tuesday, September 15th as an appreciation for your patience while this matter was addressed.

We are also planning on fixing the following issues with the next server downtime as early as next week:

  • Delayed group-based updates for health, status effect, and buffs.
  • Improving Market Explorer search results speeds.
  • Market Explorer results closing when clicking through pages.
  • Max Price properly filtering Market Explorer results.
  • Anonymous flagged players erroneously appearing in the guild /social window.
  • Instruments equipping into the two-hand slot when using drag and drop to equip.
    • Developer's Note: Instruments can currently be equipped into this slot using the shift+right-click shortcut.
  • /Bonuses window displaying resistances.
  • Guild House Recall stones working outside the housing region.
  • And more!
Thank you to all who have and are continuing to submit feedback and reporting issues to us!