Join Us Tonight in the New Frontiers!

Posted by Development | 2013 Apr 17 14:59 -0400 GMT

Don’t forget to join the Devs tonight where we will be fighting on our Albion characters and grouped with Grakulen, the host of MMORPG.COM’s Wayback Wednesday. Bring your character and meet us in the New Frontiers for some great RvR action! The broadcast begins at 9:30PM EST/0230 CET, click here to join!

Tonight's final Wayback Wednesday broadcast will feature a Q&A with the Devs as well as a giveaway!

Among the prizes:

- 2 Dark Age of Camelot Tshirts!
- 10 Dark Age of Camelot Posters!
- 15 Dark Age of Camelot 30 Day Game Time Codes!

We look forward to seeing you in the Frontiers!