Hi Everyone!!

Posted by Community | 2014 Feb 08 18:44 -0500 GMT

My name's Carol Kenny, known to many as “Beibhinn” on the forums, IRC, and in-game. I'm absolutely delighted to be working with Broadsword in the role of Community Lead for Dark Age of Camelot! I’m aware that there are many of you in the community that know me, but for those that don't -  let me tell you a little about myself!

I began playing DAoC at release and am still actively playing to this day! Shortly after I began playing, I found my way to IGN’s VN Boards and quickly became a part of Camelot’s thriving community. After some time, I became a moderator for the DAoC boards on the Vault Network and rose through the ranks to Senior Manager! During this time, I put a lot of time into other community sites such as the WarhammerVault and CamelotVault. Eventually, I earned higher status on these boards and had the opportunity to work alongside the other main VN Community Coordinators over all Vault sites!

In 2012, after IGN merged the Vault forums in with their main forums, the community migrated to www.postcount.net, and to this day postcount.net thrives as the main community-operated forum for Dark Age of Camelot! 

I've worked with Mythic's community and Dev team in many capacities since 2004 and now have the chance to give back even more to the game and community I love! I'm really grateful for the opportunity, and hope to do the community proud.