The Harbinger of Spring Invades Killaloe!

Posted by Community | 2014 Apr 17 14:39 -0400 GMT

Springtime is here again, and with the warmth and renewed bloom of the landscape an ancient menace returns!
The deceptively cuddly Harbinger of Spring has found its way into the Battleground of Killaloe. It has devoured the Keep Lord of Dun Killaloe and has taken up residence there awaiting fresh prey. The Kings of the Realms have placed a bounty on this beast, and have dispatched Channelers to the Borderkeeps of Castle Sauvage, Svasud Faste, and Druim Ligen to offer passage to any that wish to drive this menace out of Killaloe and collect the new and unique reward!
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To gain access to the Killaloe Battleground speak with the following Channelers:
In Albion - Master Truji in Castle Sauvage
In Midgard – Stor Gothi Acheren in Svasud Faste
In Hibernia – Channeler Inarea in Druim Ligen

The Battleground Event will begin Thursday evening and conclude in the morning on Monday, April 21st. Following the Battleground Event, the Rites of Spring will be activated in the New Frontiers.
More information on the Rites of Spring will be posted here on the Camelot Herald, so stay tuned and we’ll see you in Killaloe!