Friday Grab Bag - 22/01/2021

Posted by Community | 2021 Jan 22 14:13 -0500 GMT
2020 is finally gone and 2021 is officially here with the return of the Grab Bag!

But first we'd like to give you a brief update on our upcoming plans as we are committed to making 2021 a great year for the Dark Age of Camelot community!

We will have patch 1.128 coming out directly to Live servers early next week with several much-requested bug fixes, including the social window display issue, some new RvR quests, and more! We also have an exciting new event in the works that will tentatively launch around the 1st of March, stay tuned for the full details in the coming weeks! Lastly, and most importantly, our work continues on the alternate, "classic" ruleset server and we look forward to sharing our plans with you very soon!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Now, onto the first questions of 2021. Read on!

Does +parry myth increase a melee necro’s parry?

No, Necromancers do not have an innate ability to parry unless they use the Chthonic form. This means all parry bonuses, other than the Chthonic form’s own 15% parry buff, will fail to affect a Necromancer.

What’s the difference between -% and normal % on an abs debuff?

From the August 30th, 2019 grab bag:

An “ABS debuff” is short for “absorption% debuff” and targets an armor’s absorption%. Each armor type has a different absorption% with Cloth having 0%, Leather 10% , Studded/Reinforced 19%, Chain/Scale 27%, and Plate having 34%. Some classes, like list-casters, also have absorption% buffs they can use.

ABS debuffs remove either a flat amount of a character’s current absorption% or are a percentage decrease, depending on the way the delve shows on the debuff.

For instance a delve that says “Reduces the targets absorption (ABS) by 15%” means that the ABS debuff will remove a flat value of 15 from a 34% plate armor absorption, making the armor wearer have 19% (34 – 15 = 19) effective absorption for the debuff’s duration.

Conversely, a delve that states “Reduces the targets absorption (ABS) by -15%” (note the -negative symbol) will reduce a 34% plate armor absorption by 15%, making the armor wearer have ~29% effective absorption (34 * (1 – .15)) = ~29).

Generally, these differences in how ABS debuffs work is balanced by the duration of the debuff, with the weaker percentage decrease ABS debuffs lasting much longer than the flat-value ABS debuffs.

Two times over the past month we've defended against a superior zerg where at least one person had a guild banner up (and it fell when they were defeated). Both times nobody in the zerg was able to pick the banner up until it dissipated. Can you clarify how guild banners work when dropped? Is it the group that does the most damage/deathblow? is there a time period for the home realm to try and recapture it before the enemy realm can take it? How long does the enemy realm have to try and capture it? In both cases there was some game stoppage (we stopped chasing them on the one occasion and stopped trying to repair the keep on the other) and a bit of frustration when it was never picked up.

From the Guild Banner guide:
If the carrier of the guild banner is killed, the banner will drop to the ground, at which point the banner is up for grabs by the carrier's own group or the enemy group that killed the carrier. Any member of the enemy group that killed the original carrier may pick up the banner after it has been on the ground for 30 seconds. If the enemy group captures the guild banner, the guild whose banner was captured will not be able to buy another banner for 24 hours.

Kill credit is determined by deathblow, so only the group (or player) that dealt the deathblow on the banner carrier has credit to pick it up.

Does amnesia work on realm abilities? For example chain lightning, ichor, volcanic pillar, etc.

Yes amnesia will cancel a cast of a realm ability if it is timed correctly.

The Shaman’s level 46 group regen spell says it heals for 450hp. Is that 450 total or is that 450 per tick? Same question for the 500 single target spell.

The Shaman “friggs” and all health regen spells function similarly where the listed heal amount is added to each “tick” of your character’s natural health regeneration.

That's it for this week!
Enjoy the weekend everyone :)