Friday Grab Bag - 12/18/2020

Posted by Community | 2020 Dec 18 16:08 -0500 GMT
Welcome to the last Grab Bag of the year!  Don't worry though, the Grab Bag will return in the New Year :)

Just a note to remind people about our official DAoC Twitch stream Saturday night! Join us for a bird's eye view of the frontiers, good chat, and of course our giveaways :) This Saturday's stream is a special giveaway stream as we'll be giving away the following (in no particular order):

  • 30 Charge 50% RP Bonus Potion
  • Max Character Boost
  • Name Respec
  • 3 Month Game Timecode
  • Race Respec
Do not miss this!! It's also the last stream before the holiday break :)
Prizes are limited to one win per person. The stream starts approx 9:45PM GMT / 4:45PM EST with the first giveaway starting at 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Continue on to the questions! 

Can you provide more context and insight into the goal of the new Protection Obelisk? It doesn’t seem that effective in defending lord rooms.

Certainly and we’ve loved seeing the feedback roll in on it so far, please keep it coming!

First, the vision and goal of the Protection Obelisk is primarily to protect the inner keep’s roof and oil levels during a siege, prior to the inner keep doors going down. When the obelisk is up, it will be much harder for attackers to lock down those areas and prevent defenders from taking the fight to the courtyard (or at least, attacking the attackers in the courtyard).

Second, we realize that the obelisk’s placement means that once the inner door goes down, the keep’s lord room and roof areas are not likely to be protected for long. This is intended in part because the lord room having such a huge benefit for the actual lord room defense would swing the balance heavily in favor of defending realms. Additionally, we hope to see more focus around the first floor of the keep and surrounding balconies as attackers push inside and focus on the obelisk.

Last, future keep upgrades will look at other “problem” areas in keep sieges to make them more dynamic and strategic. Perhaps one or more of those will focus specifically on the lord room once the inner door is down!

Hello, I understand that a weapon's condition affects melee damage, affects a staff's power consumption, and affects an instrument's songs/chants (as in chants may start dropping out randomly or may miss a tick). In what way does a weapon's condition affect healing?

Weapon condition does not affect healing.

Can you clarify the difference in how keep bonus is awarded based on if you’re an attacker or defender, and what the cap is for each side? Also why is there a cap at all?

Defenders earn 2x contribution rewards over attackers, but only when successfully defending a keep. During keep captures, both attackers and defenders earn the same amount of rewards.

There is a cap on the rewards, but the cap only applies to the base amount of RPs earned, with bonuses allowing the cap to be exceeded. The cap is determined by how much realm points a character is worth. A character worth 4,000 realm points (when killed) has a base contribution reward cap of 40,000 realm points. If the character has 50% realm point bonus active, they could earn up to 60,000 total realm points.

For a full refresher and explanation on the system, please see below:

From the 1.121 Patch Notes:

  • Bonus RPs will now be earned every time a player (or their group) earns RPs (through kills/rezzes only) within a keep or tower’s region that is currently under siege.
    • A keep or tower’s region is defined by the “you enter/leave <outpost name>” messages.
    • A keep or tower becomes under siege when it has the “flame” icon on the /realmwar map. Bonus RPs will not be earned until the keep goes under siege.
    • The bonus RPs will take into account kills made by the player’s group and will be placed into an individual contribution pool for that player as follows:
      • 50% of RPs earned through kills/rezzes at a keep will be added to a player’s individual contribution pool
      • 20% of RPs earned through kills/rezzes at a tower will be added to a player’s individual contribution pool
    • For example:
      • If Player A earns 1,000 RPs over the course of a keep siege (through kills/rezzes only) they will receive 500 RPs when that keep is taken or successfully defended.
      • If Player B earned 10,000 RPs over the course of the same keep siege, they will earn 5,000 RPs.
      • If Player C arrives just as the keep is taken or defended and earned 0 RPs within the keep’s immediate region prior to that, they will receive no bonus RPs.
      • If Player D earns 1,000 RPs over the course of a tower siege, they will receive 200 bonus RPs when that tower is taken or successfully defended.
    • So long as players are within 8,000 in–game units of the outpost when it is taken or defended, they will be rewarded.
      • Again, contribution is only earned within the immediate outpost region but awarded as long as the player is still within 8000 in–game units.
      • Players that leave the 8,000 in–game unit radius will have their contribution totals saved for 10 minutes before their accumulated bonus RPs are lost.
    • Players will be capped at earning 10x their individual character’s realm–point value.
      • This means a player worth 2000 RPs for a solo kill will be able to earn up to 20,000 RPs from this new reward system. In other words, if that player is able to earn more than 40,000 RPs at a keep siege, they will only get 20,000 bonus RPs instead of 50% of the amount over 40,000.
        • RP bonus items, spells, and zone/region bonuses will allow players to achieve values over this cap.
      • Ruined keeps and towers will not be part of this new reward system.
        • Ruined outposts will no longer grant any bonus RPs when taken or defended.

From the 1.124 Patch Notes:

  • The keep contribution bonus multiplier has been doubled for defenders only. Attacking forces will still receive the normal reward.
    • Please note that this doubled version of the contribution bonus will only apply on successful keep defenses and not on keep captures. Both attackers and defenders will get normal realm points when a keep is captured still. This is something that we’ll be monitoring and adjusting down the road, if necessary.

Do melee absorption spells benefit from buff bonus?

No, no absorption spells benefit from buff bonus. Only stat-based buffs like Armor Factor, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, etc. benefit from them.

Hello, Crocodile Tear Ring affects each realm's main speed class (bard, skald, minstrel) and listed casters. Seems imbalanced that both of Hib and Alb's speed classes are able to benefit from CTR's aura, whereas Mid Healers can't benefit from it. For casters that can use CTR, like Theurgist, does CTR affect other songs/chants like pulsing bladeturn?

The Crocodile Tear Ring’s Radiant Aura level 10 ability only works for Bards, Minstrels, and Skalds. List casters do not receive the benefit of the level 10 ability and so Theurgist or Sorcerer chants are group-only just like a Healer’s or Runemaster’s. No realm has access to area-of-effect pulsing bladeturn.

Don't forget to get your feathery friend, snowman, and yule hat! :)



Enjoy the holidays and see you in the frontier!