Friday Grab Bag - 11/06/2020

Posted by Community | 2020 Nov 06 13:49 -0500 GMT
Nothing to count in this Grab Bag!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

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Is there a cap for crowd control decrease % from items and does it stack with the RA Determination? I have 16% in my template and was wondering how much Det. one would need to meet any caps.

Mythical Crowd Control is capped at 25% though it is unlikely to ever be able to reach 25% from the currently available items. It does stack with the Determination realm ability.

Can you debuff racial resist?

Yes, racial resists are affected by magic resist debuff spells. Resists from magic resist buffs and from item bonuses are affected by resist debuffs and racial resists count as “magic resist buffs”.

Hey guys! So my buffbot has the astral cloth legs on, which when used gives "Stars of protection" which is a 5% all magic resist buff, with 30 min duration. However when I have that buff up, and I use an 10% AoM charge, from for example Curative sash of the vigilant, the 10% overwrites the 5%, even though the 5% is 30 min duration, and the 10% is just 10 min duration, is this working as intended, or can they be made to coexist? Thx in advance.

This is working as intended as a higher delve (10% vs 5% in this case) will always overwrite a lower delve version of the same spell type.  Item-based magic resist buffs are not meant to co-exist with other item-based magic resist buffs, only other class-based ones.

Hi, is there any way to know when your account reaches its "next year" for the subscription rewards?

We have a display on the Account Center that shows which rewards your account is currently eligible to receive. In the future we will update this display to show how many months are remaining until the next threshold. For now, you may submit an email to requesting to know how many months are left until the next year’s reward is unlocked but we ask for your patience as these are not our highest priority tickets to respond to.

Would it make more sense to leave the RP/kill as is and instead of boosting the underpopulated realm, give the overpopulated realm a deficit to RPs earned? Instead of the lower realm making +40%, the higher realm would be at -40%. The timers don't do anything for the zergs as they know when to stop when the zerg leaders log in.

We’ll certainly take this under consideration. In general we would prefer to always positively incentivize actions instead of punish players for wanting to play a certain way or on a certain realm. That said, we also want the game to be as fun as possible for all players, playstyles, and realms and look forward to hearing and discussing more of this sort of feedback from the entire playerbase!

Enjoy the weekend everyone :)