Friday Grab Bag - 11/01/2019 - 1.126 Edition

Posted by Community | 2019 Nov 01 15:05 -0400 GMT
This week's Grab Bag is focused on answering questions you've asked regarding the Patch 1.126 and Endless Conquest notes now up on the Pendragon test server!

October's newsletter also went out this week, which you can view here in your browser, and includes a poll on housing - so get readin'! Make sure you get the newsletter as soon as it's out by signing up!

The Endless Conquest FAQ and features table are now available in German (FAQ link / Features Table link) and French (FAQ link / Table Link), with thanks to Shileah and Fugo :)

Thank you all for sending in your questions, and remember to please keep sending them in for our devs! You can submit any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission formPlease note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the many, many, questions and answers :)

Is the monthly buggane’s pot tradeable, if not can it be? Some only play a couple of our toons so we would go through the 20 charges really quickly.

It will not be tradable but we can look at increasing the number of charges!

Does the removal of Shadow Seek from assassins mean they will have  the same stealthed walk speed as archers? 

Yes they will have the same potential for in-stealth movement speed now with the level of Mastery of Stealth trained determining their in-stealth movement speed.

We are also looking into changing Mastery of Stealth into a realm ability for archers in 1.126 too.

I'm not sure exactly what "Stealth detection mechanics and movement speed will return to pre– 1.121 mechanics." means but Mastery of Stealth has the same tooltip/description on Live and Test so I assume the description on Test is inaccurate. 

“Pre-1.121” mechanics simply mean that the potential for composite-stealth speccing returns and that Mastery of Stealth will once again be what provides the +stealth and +in-stealth movement speed benefits to Assassins rather than Shadow Seek. Shadow Seek behaved slightly different than MoS in that it increased run-speed more and had slightly different stealth detection bonuses. The tooltip is accurate for Mastery of Stealth on both Pendragon and Live servers.

Is it possible to add the Stacking RP bonus potions (MTX) for purchase with bounty points, even if they are very expensive?

We will look into adding this option, yes!

Does that mean that the dragon scale merchants will not sell anything after the patch, or will these merchants sell them for BP instead?

No, Dragon Scale merchants will still sell their wares for dragon scales. ALL accounts with alternate currency stockpiled will still have that currency in their packs and can trade them freely while Veteran (subscribed) account players will still be able to convert or spend the alternate currencies at their stores!

The only change being made to dragon scales is that it will no longer drop or be given out as a reward. Additionally, there are already some dragon items that can be obtained from Doppelganger shards (which are bought with bounty points) and we will eventually add the rest of the dragon items to Bountycraft as well!

So Darkness Falls weapons, armor, and accessories will now will cost bounty points instead blood seals?

No, all Darkness Falls stores will remain as is. The emerald/sapphire/diamond/blood seal stores all still require those currencies to buy their items for sale. ALL accounts with alternate currency stockpiled will still have that currency in their packs and can trade them freely while Veteran (subscribed) account players will still be able to convert or spend the alternate currencies at their stores!

It’s also worth noting that all Darkness Falls’ weapons and armor that can be bought with blood seals are already available in Bountycraft.

The only change being made to these seal-currencies is that they will no longer drop or be given out as a reward. Additionally in 1.126, the [Darkness] quests from Mystemas will grant bounty point awards AND wherever the seals currently drop from monsters in Darkness Falls will now be replaced with bounty point drops instead.

From the 1.126 notes:

  • All emerald, sapphire, diamond, and blood seals have been replaced with 1 bounty point, 10 bounty point, 100 bounty point, or 2,000 bounty points, respectively.
    • These bounty point amounts are auto-split like an item reward but upon auto-splitting simply award that character with the specified BP amounts (This means these particular BPs will follow all existing autosplit mechanics).

Is the Battlefield potion going to be available to buy with bounty points with aurulite now gone?

First, aurulite is not gone. ALL accounts with alternate currency stockpiled will still have that currency in their packs and can trade them freely while Veteran (subscribed) account players will still be able to convert or spend the alternate currencies at their stores!

The only change being made to aurulite is that it will no longer drop or be given out as a reward. Additionally, all of the Dragon’s Curse chapter and [Elite] quests will grant bounty point rewards instead of aurulite!

Second, we may allow a Battlefield potion to be sold for Bounty points in the future, but to start it will only be available via the existing aurulite store. Don’t forget that Veteran accounts will also receive a free Bound Buggane potion (which grants a bonus to RPs, BPs, and Coin) every month on every level 50 character after 1.126 launches!

Does that mean that Atlantean glass items all have to be bought with bounty points now?

Not entirely. Artifacts and scrolls are no longer sold via glass stores and can now only be purchased with bounty points at their existing stores.

Master level tokens, legendary weapon crafting components, and the Star of Destiny can still be purchased by Veteran (subscribed) accounts at the Atlantean glass merchant with any remaining Atlantean glass currency.

Again, ALL accounts with alternate currency stockpiled will still have that currency in their packs and can trade them freely while Veteran (subscribed) account players will still be able to convert or spend the alternate currencies at their stores.

Do artifact and Master level encounters now drop bounty points since glass no longer drops from them?


From the 1.126 notes:

  • All artifact and Master Level encounters now grant the equivalent BPs to what their glass drops used to be (100, 200, 500, or 1,000 BPs).

Additionally, the TOA Bounty quests (old Atlantean glass quest chain) now grants bounty points too, totalling 116,500 BPs for fully completing the quest-chain plus the 3 new [Weekly] repeatable quests that grant 15,000 BPs each.

Will we still be able to get the Full Master Level Tokens from Doppelganger shards?

Yes! Veteran (subscribed) accounts will still be able to obtain and turn-in Full Master Level Credit Tokens from Doppelganger shards AND can still receive them as rewards from the Silver-bound, Gold-bound, and Platinum-bound chests.

Why is there such a large increase to the cost for ML1-10?

Bounty point gain was dramatically increased in 1.126 coupled with the fact that the existing costs for Master Levels were already too inexpensive and easy to obtain for such important character progression. With the new bounty point gain increases, the new 450,000 bounty point price tag for ML10 is almost able to be obtained on a new character after they complete the TOA-Bounty quest chain, A Dragon’s Curse campaign, and the [Darkness] quests in Darkness Falls (not to mention the normal monster kills there); all things they are likely to be doing any way as they reach or hit level 50! The experience rewards from those quests (and the Otherworlds campaign) will also have them well on their way to reaching Champion Level 15!

With the new King’s armor set updates, new characters are able to enter RvR immediately after that (or before if they so choose) and can also work on earning additional bounty points through RvR and its own bounty point quests like Supplies for the Cause to improve their gear through Bountycraft and finish obtaining any Champion Levels.

Additionally, we are looking into lowering the *atlantean glass-based* Master Level token costs from their current proposed levels to make their prices more affordable for Veteran (subscribed) accounts.

Is house repossession being re-enabled with 1.126 as mentioned in a previous Grab Bag?

House repossession processes will remain disabled with the launch of patch 1.126 and Endless Conquest.

We did mention in the Grab Bag on June 7th 2019 that the process would not be turned on again until the next server downtime but are going to hold off on re-enabling it with this version. We will be re-enabling it at a later date and will provide plenty of notice before we do!

Developer’s Note: This may mean that some users come back to the game and still have their house up, including as an Endless Conquest (free) account, but they will still only be able to access it and its vaults as a Veteran (subscribed) account.

Any plan on expanding classes available to Endless Conquest (free) accounts?

Returning accounts that come back as an Endless Conquest account can play ALL classes/races as long as the character is level 15+, was created prior to the launch of Endless Conquest, and has 7+ days /played (which is true for quite a lot of characters!).

Otherwise, there are no plans to expand beyond the announced 5 classes and 3 races per realm allowed on Endless Conquest accounts.

I've read that buff potions are restricted to Endless Conquest (free) accounts. Will it be also for the swimming speed one?

Only stat-buff potions (Draught of Heroism, Supremacy, and individual stat-buff potions) are restricted from Endless Conquest (free) accounts. Items that provide single stat-buffs via /uses are not restricted while item /uses that provide multiple stat-buffs like the Pendragon’s Ring/Bracer and the Illustrious Bracer are restricted. Other potions like healing, regen, water breath, speed of the hunt, etc. are not restricted.

Are there any plans to pay for individual unlocks (like house) through the Mithril Shop?

The only way to own or access a house will be through a Veteran (subscribed) account.

Will I get the new [Returning Player] Quest rewards if I come back to the game now, before patch 1.126 and EC launch?

Current returning characters will receive the currently active Returning Player quest rewards from patch 1.22A. The new rewards will only be available post-1.126's launch.

Illustrious weapons are now inferior to the free epic weapons (not shields). Any interest in upgrading them to be comparable?

Only the Exemplar accessories’ stats were updated (but still have no /uses). The Exemplar weapons were not updated (they are merely used for calculating the full King gear set’s stats) and their stats are still inferior to the Illustrious weapons. There are no incoming changes to Illustrious weapons.

How is cumulative subscription time tracked for Veteran Rewards?

We run a daily tally of all subscribed accounts. After an account reaches the required days-subscribed threshold to receive a Veteran Reward year, the account is made eligible. If the account is not subscribed or is active but an Endless Conquest (free) account, the daily tally will not include them.

Will accounts be able to choose one additional reward on every date that they get an additional year of active account status? (For example. Let's say a player is a 5 year veteran (maybe 4 months off of 6) account but want's the pendragon's bracer. Would they have to save at least one of their choices and wait for the 4 months, or when the account updated would they be granted an additional reward (and could then chose a level 6 reward).

Yes, each time they unlock a new threshold they will receive an additional choice that they can choose spend on the newly unlocked year’s rewards or any previous year’s!

Will there ever be a feature in account management to tell you how long our account has been open/credited for? It be nice to know account has been active for 15 yrs 7 months example. /title only gives you answer to what you reached not how long till your next achievement.

Yes, this is coming shortly after the launch of Endless Conquest. Each account will display their achieved Veteran Reward year threshold! Additionally, players will be able to see which account has which characters on which server with this update!

With the increase in cost to the Speed of the Hunt gems, won’t battleground players be hurt by this change?

Battleground bounty merchants now sell speed of the hunt gems directly (at much cheaper prices).

From the notes:

  • Battleground Bounty Merchants now sell a Lesser Speed of the Hunt (1 charge) for 10 BPs and Improved Speed of the Hunts (20 charges) for 200 bps.

So is 1.126 going live next week?

We'll have another Pendragon version coming early next week that will address a lot of the feedback received. Assuming all goes well with that, we'll be going live shortly thereafter!

Lots to digest there, but tons of info!
Don't forget to check out Pendragon for the changes and send in your feedback :)

Enjoy the weekend, all!