Friday Grab Bag - 09/28/2018

Posted by Community | 2018 Sep 28 09:46 -0400 GMT
Time for another Grab Bag!

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As always, thanks everyone for your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the Grab Bag!

My question is regarding Clud.
Before the Curse campaign, this mob used to drop items such as Lightning/Thunder and jewelry. Does it still drop them, or is there a different monster that does?

The original Clud loot table has been replaced with a newer one that provides a chance at rare Alchemy drops and other, more up to date loot. Please see the following question & answer for more details on our plans regarding these items coveted for their aesthetic!

Hi, I've been searching for a helmet that drops in the realm of Albion for years, I have seen it, but nobody has felt it necessary to divulge the name or the whereabouts of where and what drops it. Here is a link to a picture of the model , it is a chain helmet, but it looks like a plate full helmet sort of. Can you shed any light on this, much appreciated!

Unfortunately the Foul Helm is no longer dropped. With the revamping of the classic-world dungeons a few years back, most all of their pre-existing loot was overwritten by newer gear with better stats.

With the advent of the Mithril ‘Pattern’ system, obviously many of you would like to get your hands on these obscure and fun pieces of equipment again!  Fortunately, we have some plans for this that we’ve hinted at in previous Grab Bags involving the revamping of the Catacombs areas and providing an opportunity there to get some coveted gear!

Why do weapons on healing classes lose durability now?  I can understand that an archer uses a bow to shoot and a caster uses a staff to cast, but a healing class neither uses nor needs his weapon to cast.  And now after over 15 years not losing durability it had to change.  Why?

In 1.124 durability repair was introduced in conjunction with a fairly major overhaul to how repairs were calculated and how much they cost. The calculations for repair were changed because there were some long-standing bugs that got addressed involving repair costs and the rate of condition-loss. In making these fixes and cost-changes it made sense to look at the repair system as a whole and see about addressing the un-level playing field that existed in regards to weapon-repairs.

Melee, casters, archers, and instrument classes were having to repair their weapons while support classes almost never did. Support classes cast on enemies and allies just as much as casters did or instrument classes played their songs or melee hit their targets and support weapons are extremely important to their casting stats (the bulk of support weapons are carrying a large portion of the major TOA casting-related bonuses in a support class’ full equipment). Additionally, many casters use a sword and shield to cast now, in lieu of a staff, so arguing that casters need a staff to cast and so they make sense while support doesn’t no longer holds much water.  Considering all of those factors in conjunction with the major changes already coming to the repair system in 1.124, it made sense to put everyone on the same playing field in terms of condition-loss.

That said, we do realize that the overall rate of condition loss (and thereby durability loss) is a bit high at the moment and will be addressing it in the upcoming 1.125 patch, so stay tuned!

In regards to the 10% spell range spell minstrels have. If this spell is active with a scout in group and said scout uses their track ability, is the scout's range of detection given the 10% bonus or not?

No, spell range% bonuses and the Track’s stealth detection range are two entirely separate things.

A spell is really comprised of two separate things: the cause and the effect. The initial spell cast is the cause and the spell’s effect is the… effect. The spell range% bonus *only* affects that initial spell cast portion and not a spell’s landed effects.

Specifically in the case of archers’ Track, it would be considered the landed effect of the spell and the spell cast itself has no physical range. Instead, it’s a buff with 0 range that is applied to the archer that then grants them a stealth detection bonus.

However, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of Track by other means! Because track is trained in the stealth skill line, what does increase its effectiveness is the archer’s stealth specialization in the stealth skill and their +stealth skill stat.

Which is more accurate when calculating swing speed? Daoc Char Planner or Excidio? Daoc Character Planner says that for a Paladin I need 183 quickness 10% melee speed, 37% celerity, and 20 haste to cap a 6.0 weapon while Excidio says I need 225 quickness.

We aren’t going to spell out the melee swing speed formula precisely here but it’s always a good bet to go with the more recently updated website or tool for these sorts of matters. We’d also encourage you to ask or confer with your fellow players for what they think is the best approximation!

That's it for this week. Stay tuned during the month of October for further updates :)