Friday Grab Bag - 09/13/2019

Posted by Community | 2019 Sep 13 11:17 -0400 GMT
It's a Friday the 13th Grab Bag! Nothing spooky or scary in here, though :)

As always, thanks everyone for your questions, please do keep sending them in! You can submit any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission formPlease note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the questions!

I recently used the master level ability cowering bellow on some bonedancer pets. When all 3 failed to be affected, it got me curious about the spells mechanics. Did they all resist? I'm not sure, because it doesn't provide any log feedback. So, can you elaborate on the mechanics of cowering bellow? Are there pets that are immune?  Can the spell be resisted?
If so, with what probability?

Cowering Bellow cannot be resisted.

However, Bonedancer pets are a bit unique when it comes to pet scares. Because the pets /assist each other by default, if the Cowering Bellow effect does not hit ALL of the pets at once, the remaining pets will not be scared and cause the commander pet to re-aggro immediately due to the sub-pet(s) that are still attacking. 

Pet-scaring all of a BD’s pets at once can admittedly be hard to accomplish when they are spread out, but this is an intended benefit of the Bonedancer class.

So according to Excidio's charplanner it says the level 5,13,21,26,33,41,46 bainshee aoe cone roots shouldn't break on damage but ingame they do. Is this just a typo from the website or was it changed and they haven't updated it? They also have the Cone slow which works perfectly and doesn't break on dmg

The CAoE (cone area of effect) roots in the Spectral Guard specialization (Disturbing Voices line of spells) have always and still do break on damage dealt.

With dual wield, do both weapons need to be the same speed?  What happens when one is slower than the other?  Is it good to have one faster than the other and if so which one, main or off-hand?

With Left Axe, does the damage type spec have to be raised as well or will LA alone provide max damage?

All dual-wielded weapons have their mainhand and offhand weapon speeds averaged to determine their “true” weapon speed for total swing speed calculations. So a 4.4s mainhand and a 3.0s offhand will average to a 3.7s weapon speed for calculating the overall swing speed. However, this “haste” effect is ONLY applied to Celtic Dual and Dual Wield swings when both the mainhand and offhand swing. Left Axe gets this effect on all swings since the offhand always swings.

It does not matter which hand has the faster or slower weapon in terms of calculating swing speed as the two weapons’ speeds are simply averaged. However, it’s probably preferable to keep the slower weapon in the mainhand slot because weapon-style damage bonuses only affect the mainhand swing while offhand swings are unstyled; and if using CD/DW styles because their offhand doesn’t always swing.

Specializing in Left Axe directly raises offhand swing damage while specializing in Sword/Axe/Hammer directly raises mainhand swing damage (regardless of the weapon styles used). Left Axe differs from CD/DW in that specializing in CD/DW only raises the chance for the offhand to swing while their mainhand specialization is what raises damage of both their mainhand and offhand swings. On net, both LA and CD/DW should maximize their composite mainhand and offhand specializations to achieve max damage.

Is scripting commands allowed? If so, to what extent?

From a previous Producer’s Letter:

We will no longer be enforcing against multi-keybind software or hardware that allow for multiple actions per keystroke per character. An example would be setting up a 'macro' that allows your "w key" to cast both disease and a heal spell.

Please note that if this software/hardware is used to play unattended (anywhere) or to control multiple characters at once (in RvR zones on a subscribed account, or anywhere on a trial) it’s still a violation. 

Obviously, if this software/hardware is used to abuse some game mechanic or is used against the general spirit of the game (as determined on a case by case basis) it would also still be a violation.

With physical health buffers, how long to they last?  I never see that in the delve.  For instance, with the Midwinter's Frozen Medal of Honor, exactly how does a 250 value with 50% absorption work?  I've always wanted to know this!

The duration of health buffers should show on the delve of the item that procs it or has the /use attached. For instance, Midwinter’s Frozen Medal of Honor's Frozen Protection health buffer shows a duration of 10 minutes on its delve. However, a health buffer will dissipate immediately whenever its buffer value is used up, even if that is prior to the listed duration.

Continuing this example, Frozen Protection's health buffer will absorb 50% of all incoming melee damage until the health buffer value of 250 is reached. As soon as the health buffer has absorbed 250 damage, it will dissipate. So, an attacker would need to deal 500 outgoing damage to their target, hitting the target for 250 damage while the health buffer absorbed the other 250 in order to fully dissipate the health buffer.

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