Friday Grab Bag - 09/11/2020

Posted by Community | 2020 Sep 11 11:52 -0400 GMT
Time for the Grab Bag!

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How is the Warden level 40 blade style ABS proc resist rate determined? It seems to get resisted a lot more than any other, even lower level, melee style proc i.e. the level 34 anytime DD procs from Flex/Sword/Hammer and most certainly gets resisted far more than average spells in that level range.

This style’s proc uses the level of the spell (level 40) to determine its resist rate. This is the same for all other style procs in the game.

What you may be noticing is that the ABS debuff does not re-apply itself until its duration has run its course. This is intended because of the way this style works in conjunction with the other level 40 style Stone Breaker that shares the same level 32 pre-requisite style Stone Shaper. These styles are meant to be used in a particular order to maximize damage: Stone Shaper -> Stone Temper -> Stone Shaper -> Stone Breaker before repeating the cycle.

Does dual wield defense penetration only affect blocks and evade, or does it affect all forms of defense (parry, block, evade)?

It only affects block and evade. There is no dual-wield defense penetration bonus versus parry.

Can you clarify what are the requirements for receiving solo credit for a kill, especially as regards damage dealt and pets stealing the db?

From our July 28th, 2017 grab bag:

Certainly! A solo kill requires the following parameters to be met:

-The player earning the solo skill is ungrouped and otherwise receives no help during the kill (heals from other players, etc.)
-The player earning the solo kill does equal to or greater than 80% of the damage to the enemy player who is killed.
-The enemy player who is killed must be worth full realm points.

That’s it! The deathblow is not actually needed so long as the player did equal to or greater than 80% of the damage.

Charmed pets typically will “steal” a solo kill credit from their owner because they end up doing more than 20% of the damage to the player. But as described above, deathblows don’t matter one way or the other.

Was wondering, is there any reforming energies turn in mob that drops rog mauler staves? Or if not from toa is there any way to get rog mauler staves?

Yes, the Master Level 8 Talos encounter includes a chance to drop randomly-generated Mauler staffs. We recommend asking your fellow players for other encounters that drop them!

How does Ethereal Bond work? Does it stack with powerpool/power cap/myth regen etc?

Ethereal Bond grants an increase to your character’s maximum power pool. This does stack with power from power pool% or power cap%, but it simply adds the listed amount of power to the character, it does not add to the ‘base’ power and then help power% gear increase power pool even further.

For reference, a typical level 50 caster will have a base power pool of around 450-500 when not wearing any equipment. The Acuity stat will increase their base power pool too up to a point and after that only power pool% and ethereal bond will. A typical fully equipped level 50 caster with +25% power pool bonus will have around 800-850 power total (with no Ethereal Bond trained).

Don't forget, bonuses are in 'til September 15th, so get your RP game on!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone :)