Friday Grab Bag - 07/19/2019

Posted by Community | 2019 Jul 19 05:43 -0400 GMT
Welcome to this week's Grab Bag!

As always, thanks everyone for your questions, do please keep sending them in! You can submit any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission formPlease note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the questions :)

If you are putting a proc on a player made shield, does it need to be a reactive, or an effect? Reactive says it works when the armor is hit by an enemy but is a shield classified as armor or weapon?

Shields can have a volatile (offensive-based) or reactive (defensive-based) proc applied.

Volatile procs can be triggered when the shield hits an enemy via a shield style and reactive procs can be triggered when the shield blocks an attack.

Please note that reactive shield procs can only fire when blocking against player and not monster-based attacks.

 Does the Ameliorating Melodies realm ability increase in value via bonuses (%healing, mastery of healing, etc.) or is it a flat value?

All health regens that don’t print the actual amount healed into the combat log each tick are not affected by heal% bonus items or mastery of healing.

Armor Factor buffs are affected by buff bonus% while AF debuffs aren’t affected by debuff bonus% items?

It’s probably more of an oversight that AF buffs are affected by buff bonus% than AF debuffs not being affected by debuff bonus! We can see if we want to change that or add the ability for debuff bonus% to affect AF debuffs like other “stat” buffs. Though we’d almost certainly need to lower the existing AF debuff delves in either case. Please let us know your thoughts!

Why is the Hallowed Greatsword is not allowed in bountycraft or is it bugged?

Bountycraft currently only includes the unique stat items that drop in the Mournful King’s lair. The Hallowed Greatsword is a copy of existing items in each realm and only has a different cosmetic look from those items.

Albion: Dragon Knight’s Flame two-handed sword that drops from Golestandt.
Midgard: Dragonfury two-handed sword that drops from Gjalpinulva.
Hibernia: Ghostly Great Falcata two-handed sword that drops from Cuulderach.

We can look into adding in more items to the Hallowed section in Bountycraft in the future but for now the items that are only different cosmetically are left out to help maintain their rarity.

What buffs actually stack with Buggane, guild or battlefield potions ? Do the Battlefield buffs stack with Guild buffs or with Buggane?
The what, when and how do those stack and When do those not stack ?? Everyone seems mixed up on this.

Spell-based realm point, bounty point, experience, and/or coin bonus buffs will NOT stack with the same bonuses on another spell-based buff, but will stack with any different bonuses. Very importantly, in the case that 2 spell-based buffs that have the same bonus are applied only the bonus from the spell that was applied first will affect the character.

This means if a RR8+ character has the Buggane’s Folly buff granting 15% to RPs/BPs/Coin and then /uses the battlefield potion which grants 25% to RP gain, the character will still only have the +15% RP/BP/Coin bonus applied and the 25% RP bonus from battlefield potion will not affect them. If the character were to drop the Buggane’s Folly buff in this example, the battlefield potion’s 25% would then affect them.

However, if a RR2 character has the 25% RP buff from the battlefield potion applied first and then applies Buggane’s Folly +75% RP/BP/Coin buff, the character will now receive the 75% BPs and Coin bonus from Buggane’s Folly but will still only receive the 25% RPs bonus from the battlefield potion. The +75% RP bonus won’t be applied until the battlefield potion’s effect is removed.

“Spell-based” specifically refers to any bonus that is applied from a spell and that shows up in the buff icons at the top of the character’s screen; this includes buffs that are cast by items, monsters, or players. Realm point, Bounty Point, Experience, and Coin bonuses that come from other systems like guilds, item stats, dynamic population, outpost ownership, relic ownership, or from specific zones are separate and do stack with each other and with spell-based bonuses.

That's this week's edition!

Enjoy the weekend all :)