Friday Grab Bag - 07/17/2020

Posted by Community | 2020 Jul 17 13:34 -0400 GMT
Time for another edition of the Grab Bag!

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Let's dive on into the questions! 

Does ranger melee ASR from lvl 50 pierce or any ASR for that matter stack with Ranger RR5?

No, the Ranger’s RR5 attack speed reduction works just like all other casted haste debuffs or melee style ASRs and does not stack with them. The higher version ASR will overwrite the lower version. In the case where both ASRs have the same debuff value, the newest debuff will overwrite the oldest.

Does wild minion also give you crit heals on your BD healing pets ? Or will WP do that since they are a spell-ish ?

Wild minion only causes critical hits from pets when they perform melee attacks, not on heals or spell casts. There is no ability that allows pets to critical hit on heals (or spell casts).

How does mastery of magery and wild power affect Heretic focus spells? Also how do basic stats like Dex, Acuity, and Piety affect the focus spells?

In general, each pulse of a Heretic’s Focus DD independently calculates the Heretic’s bonuses to magic damage (from Realm Abilities like Mastery of Magery or stats like Piety), critical hit chance, as well as the target’s resistance to the damage type. This means if mid-pulse your target were to get a debuff to their Heat magic resistance, you would see an increase in damage on your next pulse.

The dexterity stat (or other cast speed bonuses) only affects the cast speed of the initial cast of the Focus DD. Subsequent pulses have a hard-set interval that are not affected by dexterity or cast speed bonuses.

The Mastery of Magery realm ability will increase damage done by your spell casts, including the Focus DDs. That damage increase gets baked into the base damage of a pulsing Focus DD. This means that with Mastery of Magery Heretics will hit harder on their initial cast and the pulsing DD’s inherent increase will use that higher starting point to determine the subsequent pulses’ damages.

The Wild Power realm ability affects the pulsing Focus DDs a bit differently than more traditional Damage-over-Time spells. Unlike DoTs where a critical hit on application will cause each successive tick of the DoT to hit at that critical damage level, each pulse of a Heretic’s Focus DD independently calculates its chance to critical hit while only referencing the previous pulse’s base damage (sans critical damage) to determine the damage increase on the next pulse.

In other words, if you critical hit on the first pulse of a Heretic Focus DD for 100 damage + 25 critical damage, the next pulse will only reference the 100 damage and not the critical damage in determining how much it should hit for. However, if you don’t critical hit on the initial cast of a Focus DD, fret not because each pulse has its own chance to critical hit still!

Hello, what is the critical hit damage (spell) based on? Sometimes I hit for 50 another for 200... thank for your support

It is random. When attacking players, each critical hit (melee or spell) can hit anywhere from 10% to 50% of the original damage dealt. 50% of the original damage is the maximum for any critical hit except for Berserkers who can critical hit for up to 100% of their original damage when actively using their Berserk ability.

When attacking monsters, the critical hit damage cap is 100% of original damage for all classes.

One thing I've been really wondering is how snares and ASRs interact with speed buffs. For example, if a target running at 170% speed gets hit with a 40% snare, is it now running at 102% (170 - 40%) or 130% (170 - 40)?

Snares debuff the run speed by percentage, so using the example provided a player moving at 170% in-combat speed gets reduced by 40% down to 102% speed.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend! :)

See you in the frontiers, or maybe even Caledonia!