Friday Grab Bag - 05/22/2020

Posted by Community | 2020 May 22 14:04 -0400 GMT
'Tis a windy Grab Bag today!

Just a note to remind people about our official DAoC Twitch stream on Saturday nights! Join us for a bird's eye view of the frontiers, good chat, and of course our giveaways :) This Saturday's stream is a special giveaway stream as we'll be giving away the following (in no particular order):

  • 30 Charge 50% RP Bonus Potion
  • Name Respec
  • 3 Month Game Timecode
  • Race Respec
  • Max Character Boost
  • Dragon Mount

Do not miss this!! Prizes are limited to one win per person. The stream starts approx 9:45PM GMT / 4:45PM EST with the first giveaway starting at 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST! 

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

Onward for the questions!

Hello, I have a question about Archery. Why is the dex related damage from Archery capped at around 400? Every other damaging stat to my knowledge has some return even if diminishing. At this point there is no way other than Falcon's Eye to increase archery damage, as the required dex cap is far too easy to reach.

While it is true that archery damage per hit does not increase over a certain amount of dexterity, there are still benefits of increasing the dexterity stat beyond that cap such as increased cast speed, defense penetration, and to-hit chance all of which do increase the overall damage dealt by an archer. The lower valued damage cap also means that archers can more easily have additional dexterity over the cap and have their damage protected from any stat debuffs.

Hello, my guild is wanting to create a guild house in the same housing region as all of our personal houses however it seems our guild is based on another Ywain server. Is there any way to have the guild transferred to another Ywain server so we can place our guild house at the desired location?

Not at this time.

From our Guild Housing guide:

Once a house has been made into a guild hall, it remains a guild hall and the property of the guild. The house cannot be returned to private home status, nor can it be sold to another player or guild. Guilds that wish to move their guild hall must wait until their old hall is repossessed before they can establish a new one.

The only way for guild halls to be repossessed currently is by not paying rent, and rent is currently disabled. We do not plan on re-enabling rent with 1.127 but are investigating other solutions for personal house and guild hall transfers.

I have a question on absorb. Does 100 AF = 1% absorb? If so, if I have 900 AF for 9% absorb, with 27% abs from chest/boots/etc does that mean I have 27 +9 for 36% absorb? Or how does that work?

Both Absorb% (ABS) and Armor Factor (AF) are calculated entirely separately and are not combined into a single value. An AF debuff would not reduce your ABS and an ABS buff would not increase your AF. Though increasing your ABS would decrease the overall melee damage taken just as increasing your AF does, giving an equivalent value for each is not really possible since ABS from armor is calculated in the damage taken formula differently than ABS from a buff/debuff.

There are many factors involved in the damage taken formula such as armor condition/quality, the effective AF on the armor piece hit, that armor’s ABS value, a character’s AF buffs and stats, then any character buffs to ABS, and the character’s resistance to the damage type. And that does not even include the many variables on the attacker’s side of the equation that are combined with damage variance to determine how much damage is actually dealt.

I have noticed that the ml ability and the reaver scare pet abilities do not work on bonedancer pets. The caster type in particular. Why is that?

From our September 13th, 2019 grab bag:

Bonedancer pets are a bit unique when it comes to pet scares. Because the pets /assist each other by default, if the Cowering Bellow effect does not hit ALL of the pets at once, the remaining pets will not be scared and cause the commander pet to re-aggro immediately due to the sub-pet(s) that are still attacking.

Pet-scaring all of a BD’s pets at once can admittedly be hard to accomplish when they are spread out, but this is an intended benefit of the Bonedancer class.

How are the RPs from killing one player split amongst group members? I've noticed that if a specific person at a specific RR is worth about 4k solo, then if I killed that same 1 person with 7 other members in group I will get around 800-900 RPs. 900x8=7200 RPs. It does not seem to split evenly in groups in fact it looks like RPs are buffed for groups which only seems to encourage grouping and killing smaller numbers.

There is an inherent XP and RP bonus for being in a group and the more players in the group the better the bonus. This is done to encourage players to group up in both PvE and RvR to accomplish tasks and defeat their realm foes.

We do agree that in some cases this can incentivize the behavior described but in many other cases it allows groups to progress as fast in XP while levelling or through realm ranks in RvR as experienced “solo” or “small-group” players. If the grouping bonus was removed there is potential for the most efficient path to progress in the game to be as a solo player and that would not be aligned with the team/group/realm-oriented gameplay that makes Dark Age of Camelot so special!

However, we are always looking for ways to make all playstyles engaging and rewarding. If you have feedback about this or suggestions on how to improve this dynamic for smaller groups and solo players, while still maintaining a strong benefit for grouping, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a wonderful weekend all, and hope to see you on our official Twitch channel on Saturday night! :)