Friday Grab Bag - 04/26/2019

Posted by Community | 2019 Apr 26 15:16 -0400 GMT

Going to try break my record for fastest posting of the Grab Bag questions and answers before this Storm Hannah cuts my power, so here goes! Someone time me.

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As always, thanks everyone for your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

A quick Hot Fix note first:

Client Bug Fix

  • Housing decorations should no longer change their tint randomly when placed onto a house wall.
    • Please note that players will need re-run their patcher if they are currently online to receive this fix.

Now onto the questions!

I am wondering why crafted legendary weapons can’t be dyed by weapons lusters?

Legendary weapons’ looks signify their damage type to other players. Allowing them to be dyed could obfuscate that information and is not something we wish to allow at this time.

Can you clarify all character issues that would affect how much you miss in combat? Low con, quick, strength, dex, hp…?

Miss rates aren’t affected by typical character stats like constitution, dexterity, etc.

Miss rates are affected by the weapon used and the armor it is hitting. The enchantment “bonus” value on the weapon and armor (35% for level 50 drops)  is compared first and that determines the base miss-rate. This is why enchanting your crafted weapon and armor is so important. If a weapon isn’t enchanted, it will miss much more often and if an armor isn’t, other players will almost never miss melee styles when hitting that armor piece!

Now that all weapons have the hidden 5% to-hit bonus (as of Patch 1.117C) that was previously only available on Artifacts, Champion Level weapons, and some other specialty weapons, the base, unstyled to-hit rate for a level 50 character using a weapon with 35% enchantment bonus vs an armor with the same 35% bonus is about 87%. Meaning there’s a 13% base chance to miss.

Next, a melee style’s to-hit bonus/penalty as well as any accuracy buff/debuff applied on the character will further affect that to-hit rate. With high to-hit bonus styles and no accuracy debuffs involved, the miss rate becomes 0%.

Please note that evade, block, and parry rates are calculated differently and do rely on a myriad of character stats, specializations, and abilities.

The sub-req on the Bracer of Rain states, "Bonus to STYLE Dmg: 2% - REQ: vs Humanoid, Animal, & Elemental". Other items have similar requirements.  If the sub-req's are removed the item will also DELVE properly and show the style damage. Currently, anything with a sub-req will NOT show in /bonuses.

Correct, in order to not clog up the /bonuses window with various stats vs X monster type, it is strictly limited to stats that always apply to the character. We can look at changing this down the road but it’s very low priority for the time being.

Hi, couple of questions:
Does champ magic resist stack with arcane bracer magic resists.
Does gsv melee resist stack with champ weapon 5% resist and or ow belt melee resists.
Does realm ability resists stack with the above... avoidance of magic/pd

For resist-stacking questions, please refer to your character’s attribute page. If the numbers in the first tier or second tier increase when using one of those items or abilities in conjunction with the other, then they stack. If not, then they don’t!

On the character attributes page, highlighting over a resist value will pop-up the following tooltip:

The 25% / 7% Body Total line in the above screenshot are the first and second tier resist totals (25% is first tier, 7% is second tier).  Realm abilities typically affect the second tier resists and class-buffs, items, and item-based buffs typically affect the first tier, with some exceptions for item-based buffs like the dragon arcane rings which affect the second tier.

For resists received from buffs like the Golden-scarab vest and various champion weapons, a character can also tell if they stack by simply looking to see if the buff is overwritten by the other – which in the case of GSV and champ weapons’ melee resist buffs, they are overwritten by each other so do not stack.

There was a bit of changes to items and I am curious when will the item database be updated?

The 1.125 version is now available for download HERE!

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