Friday Grab Bag - 04/07/2017

Posted by Community | 2017 Apr 07 14:16 -0400 GMT
It's Friday, and hopefully the weather is looking up for the weekend's activities..yay. 

Thanks as always to everyone who sent in questions, keep 'em coming, we can take it! You can send in your questions through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Without further ado, this week's questions!

When Vamps were released, they were toted as having naturally high health regen.
My experience supports this. The recent addition of Necromancer undead form with higher health regen has me wondering - how much higher is Vamp health regen, as opposed to other classes?

The level 46 Shadow Mastery self-target health regen that Vampiirs get has a delve of 150. Contrast that to the highest health regen spell on other classes (not including the Necromancer) with a delve of 118 on the Mentalist single-target HoT. The Necromancer’s Decrepit Form grants a different kind of health regen than the Vampiir so comparing delves directy doesn’t work but it ends up being a faster rate of regeneration on the Necromancer. However, the increased regeneration rate on the Necromancer’s Decrepit Form is offset by their lack of Armor Factor and inability to stand toe to toe in melee like the Vampiir can while still benefiting from their health regen.

Someone brought up that pierce/thrust weapons now are entirely based on dexterity, I've been looking for a grab bag or patch notes that's answered this question but I haven't been able to find it. Do pierce/thrust weapons use only dexterity as a stat towards their damage now or is it 50% strength 50% dexterity still? Or does it all depend on the class you are playing?

Most thrust weapons use both dexterity and strength stats to determine damage, defense penetration, and weaponskill; these lines are Pierce in Hibernia, Thrust in Albion, and Hand to Hand and Spear in Midgard. Some thrust-damage weapon lines, like Celtic Spear and Large Weapons in Hibernia or Two-Hand and Polearm in Albion are entirely strength-based. The only weapon lines that are entirely dexterity-based are Shield,  Friar (and caster) staff, and Archers’ bows. Mauler Staff and Fist Wraps interestingly enough, are entirely strength-based.

While I play most realms, and have most classes on each realm. I’ve recently ventured into trying the new flavor necro classes, both melee and caster version specs.  While the melee necro is abundantly strong, it is however more balanced than caster necros with the heal pet.  Why does the pet heal for 500+ hp per heal, AND cure dot/disease in one single swoop?  I would also like to know for Molvik RvR sessions, will pet class abilities ever be scaled to character level (IE SM pets having purple NS and debuffs)?

The heal pet only heals for those sorts of values and casts the cures when in Spirit Form. When in the other caster form, Decrepit Form, the heal pet is not casting any cures and heals for less. Additionally, both heal pets are *extremely* vulnerable to melee and spell damage. That said, we are not done adjusting both the Necromancer or pets as a whole. Scaling abilities better in the battlegrounds as well as some overall pet-class adjustments are both coming in patch 1.123!

Can you explain the benefits to enchanting crafted armor and weapons? Some say it affects absorb but I’ve also heard it’s AF that it affects and not absorb.

Certainly! Enchanting armor is necessary to reduce the hit-rate enemies have when meleeing you. Enchanting weapons increases the hit-rate of a character when meleeing a target. If you are missing a lot with your weapons or never seem to get missed in melee make sure your gear is enchanted!

When is the Harbinger of Spring making its return?

The Harbinger of Spring event is slated to go live next Friday, April 14th and run until Monday, April 24th!

What’s coming in Patch 1.123 and then what’s next after it’s out?

1.123 is our major focus right now and is slated for later this Spring (currently mid-May).  Here’s what to expect:

  • Shaman Cave, Druid Nature, and Cleric Smite specialization improvements.
  • General improvements to the Skald and Minstrel.
  • Assassin melee specialization adjustments.
  • Normalizing burst damage across all Light Tanks a bit more.
  • Melee or utility improvements to several hybrid classes such as Mauler, Friar, Reaver, Champion, Vampiir, Thane, and Valkyrie
  • Additional adjustments to various pet-based classes.
  • Introducing our first foray into MTX with the introduction of a new mount type as well as some cosmetic variations of popular armors!
  • Item /uses and procs, along with the ability to stack multiple item-based abilities at once, will be toned down to help shift the focus of combat back to class and realm abilities instead of equipment!
  • RvR changes that piggy-back onto how the Ghost Keep event’s feedback goes.
    • Potentially leaving Caer Benowyc, Bledmeer Faste, and Dun Crauchon as normal keeps and adding in some new ruined areas in Hadrian’s Wall, Odin’s Gate, Emain Macha, and/or Ellan Vannin to offset their loss.
    • Removing the PvE quests in the battlegrounds and increasing the rewards on their RvR-focused quests.
    • Removing or altering Buggane’s Obeslisk objective.
    • Removing or altering the portal ceremony to Ellan Vannin.
    • New RvR quests!

After 1.123 is out we have several things on the horizon for the summer:

  • Dark Age of Camelot website revamp!
  • A Dragon’s Curse campaign continues!
  • 1v1 Tournament!
  • 5v5 Tournament!
  • And finally, some detailed updates on alternate server and ongoing Ywain plans!