Friday Grab Bag - 03/01/2019

Posted by Community | 2019 Mar 01 14:46 -0500 GMT
Back to our regular style Grab Bags! :) Also, March?! Already!?

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As always, thanks everyone for your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the questions!

Are there any plans to address the X-Realming (cross-realming) in the game? (Up to and including planned fights in populated areas of the frontiers?)

For example: Coming across an Alb/Mid fight on Ellan Vannin, doing what we're supposed to be doing by joining the fray; the Albs/Mids work together to kill our Hib group and then just go their separate ways without fighting each other again.

Or in the case of assisting realm-members by attacking enemies that are killing fellow Hibs, the Hibs we are helping pull off and let the Albs and/or Mids kill us and, once more, go their separate ways.

I do not understand how this would not be considered Cross-Realming.

While it is understandably frustrating, these specific scenarios are classified as Cross-Teaming.  The act of Cross-Teaming is distinct from Cross-Realming in that the actors involved are not communicating information to members of an enemy realm to actively sabotage the Realm War-at-large.

There are engagements where working with an enemy Realm against a third Realm may provide a superior strategic advantage in terms of risk and survival. Standing idly by while a member of one’s own Realm is attacked is certainly not an honorable action, but this too does not qualify as Cross-Realming.

If you believe that a player of your Realm is colluding with an enemy by having an account logged in to communicate location or tactical information, please submit an appeal with the names and a description of the events, and one of our CSR’s will conduct an investigation of the incident and take all appropriate actions based on our findings.

Are the armor resist tables still accurate?

Yes, these are still accurate.

Do spells that increase your combat haste (E.g. Darkened Haste in the Vampiir Embrace spell line) allow you to swing faster than the 1.5s hard cap on swing speed?

The short answer: No, the 1.5s swing speed is not able to be broken; it’s a hard cap!

The long answer: Spells that increase a character’s swing speed are increasing that speed up to the 1.5s cap. One-handed, faster weapon users like the Vampiir, who also get access to a high-value buff like Darkened Haste’s 45% combat speed buff will hit that 1.5s swing speed cap very easily. They get the benefit of not needing a ton of quickness and/or celerity to hit the 1.5s cap!

When are you going to implement white dyes and enamels? I NEED white enamels!!

It’s on our wish-list as well but will involve a complete re-work of how the dye system works.

The current dye system uses a mechanic that tints the undyed armor or weapon to the dye color. In a system like this, a white dye shows up as a totally transparent dye, meaning your armor or equipment would look the same as undyed. The “color” white is actually what we use on the dye-remover items like mild acid enamel remover to return equipment to their natural colors. It also means extremely light grey or cream color dyes are not going to work as they are essentially transparent themselves.

It’s not impossible to alter this system but unfortunately there are currently a lot of other things on our to-do list that take precedence. We look forward to adding in white and other lighter-hues as soon as we are able to!

Is mezz immunity always 1min? What abilities break immunity timers?

Yes, mesmerisation immunity is always 1 minute in duration.

There are no abilities that remove it, bypass it, or affect its duration.

As always, much <3 :)

See you in the frontiers!