Free Transfers from Glamorgan - 06/22

Posted by Kai Schober | 2011 Jun 17 08:34 -0400 GMT

We will enable Free Character Transfers from Glamorgan cluster (Avalon, Dartmoor, Logres, Lyonesse and Stonehenge) to Ywain Cluster from Wednesday, 06/22 on. The '/freexfer' command will become available for all characters on the cluster from the afternoon EDT on (evening CEST).

We invite you to read our Free Character Transfer Guide carefully, especially if you are a guild leader. There is no difference between any of the servers in the Ywain cluster if you simply wish to play with your friends and guild. However, if you are looking to transfer your houses and wish to ensure that you and all of your friends end up in the same neighborhood, you should all transfer to the same Ywain server. We recommend that you use the upcoming weekend to scout out the housing zones on the different Ywain servers to find a neighborhood that you might like and discuss with your friends and guildmates before transferring.

We'll see you in the frontiers!